Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your Word Is Law Chapter 1

Your Words Is Law: Chapter 1 A Simon Says...

I think Grace is becoming a little suspicious of who I truly am. Lately, she's been waking me up to tell me that I keep mumbling things in my sleep about robberies and shootings, and how it's starting to freak her out. I tell her it's just nightmares and that it's just too many late night cop shows, but I can tell she's not convinced. Luckily, she wakes up early because of work, so I'm usually the only one home when I wake up unless she's running late.

 It was a typical, ordinary day when I woke up. Grace was gone and I had the house to myself for whatever I wanted. A sinister smile spread across my face at the endless thoughts of what I could do today crept into my mind.

Today was a little different though, I had a craving. A menacing craving. A craving to do wrong. So I headed down to my place of employment, where they assigned my a task to be done over a course of time that could potentially destroy Sunset Valley and all of it's inhabitants. Perfect.

I got home minutes later, prepared to draw out a plan for my evil deed, but was shocked when I came home to my wife. She had a glowing smile on her face and was in her weekend clothers, and I immediately thought something might have been wrong, "Honey, why are you back home? Shouldn't you be at work?" I interrogated nervouosly.
"Henry, the sent me home," she replied, still smiling.
"How dare they fire you! You haven't even gone out in the field yet!"
"That's the point," Grace answered, patting her stomach, "They can't have a pregnant woman at risk of being in danger." My lips mouthed words of excitement for our upcoming child that Grace eagerly gobbled up and spilled her plans. On the inside, I was screaming, I was more than that, I was so pissed! I hated children, and now I was going to have one of my own.

Unfortunately, Grace was practically almost always home throughout her pregnancy. Which meant I couldn't complete any of my task at home, leaving me to go to the sources myself and get as much work done there as possible.

A little piece of the work I had assigned myself, was to befriend my boss, Claire Ursine. I knew she would be able to help me out later on, as I progressed in my work. My flirtatiousness came in quite handy during our conversations, and I could tell she was starting to fall for me.

Grace did not have a good reputation around town due to her pregnancy being so early into our marriage. She'd be out and about town when people would scowl or whisper behind her backs. Oh well, I have a hit list for a reason.

Before work and after each day, I'd head over to Claire's house where she would be waiting with open arms and lips, anticipating out evening of fun. According to Grace I was working late, and I technically was, just in my own benefit.

After a stressful day at work followed by a hormonal Claire, my night was made even worse by my wife going into labor. I faked my freakshow, internally rolling my eyes, wishing I was back in bed.

It was shocking to me how calm Grace was during the process, I guess I should have gone to those classes like she instructed, but why would I do something sensible like that? Regardless, I was easily sidetracked and unwilling to bring our child into the world, but Grace couldn't have been more excited for our bundle of "joy".

A few hours later, Kimberly Urna was welcomed into the world of Sunset Valley with at least one set of welcoming hands. I must admit, that I had a growing soft spot for our daughter, but nothing extreme enoguh that could bring me to actually say the words "I love you" to her fragile face.

When we were first settling in our marriage, children was of course a topic, but definitely not a mutual one. Grace had wanted 6 children running around our home, where I only wanted the one perfect minion. But we compromised, agreeing on having 3, even though it practically killed me to do so... well, not the conceiving part.

Grace was a natural born mother, that's for sure, caressing our daughter's tiny face as she cooed her while feeding her baby formula. Occasionally, I'd find myself with my arm wrapped around her as Kim was being fed, and Grace and I would smile down as she gurgled.

Not long after our flawless night, Grace had begun showing signs of a second pregnancy. She often complained of the frequent nausea, and I could almost always find her in the bathroom leaning over the toilet, clutching her stomach.

I have been scoring quite lucky with Claire when I've been visiting with her lately. I think she's hoping for something serious, where I just want a little free woohoo and some assitance in the financial department.

God, I wish I could have that feeling all of the time! It felt so good to woohoo with someone other than my wife! The power and freedom mixed were two  overwhelming emotions that sent me on a natural high. I felt so free, so alive!

As the months trudged by painfully, we soon learned that Grace was indeed expecting our next child. I will admit, I'm a little bit more excited for this one to roll around, because I really want to have a steady family life. Even worse, I'm really getting attached to Kim. Who the hell am I turning into?

Kim's birthday rolled around all too quickly, but Grace managed to bring her to the cake with pride. The pride that our first born child was now becoming a toddler. I hate to mention it, but I did cry a little at the sight of our little girl growing up. Although, I still couldn't help smiling due to the fact that she was inching closer and closer to no longer being a pesky child.

Our little girl grew up beautifully. She had a mixture of our skin tones, leaving her naturally tan, her mother's bright blue eyes, and my red hair. Kimberly Urna sure was going to grow up to be breathtaking.


  1. EEEPPP!!!!
    The little 'um is ADORABLE! <3

  2. Yeah, Kim grew up to be such a cute toddler! I love the genetics she got too! It's a nice mix! :)

  3. Kim is likely what one of Dusk's kids are gonna look like...except with brown hair....

    She's cute!

  4. I know she's adorable! I love the combonation of her genetics!

  5. Here's to Hoping her cuteness will last!

  6. Angst she wint turn into a ugly woman! xD