Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Dance and Sickness!

Tonight at my school we're having a Valentine's Day Dance. Why on a Thursday night? I don't know. Anyways, it's nothing romantic since our school promotes "a touch free zone". Gah. So that'll keep me busy for the most of the night. And when I'm not having fun, I'm sure I'll be rubbing my throat. Strep's been going around, and I think it just be my time to get it. Again. Wah.


  1. "Touch free zone" XD
    I hope you don't get sick! :(

  2. So the DJ was like, "Okay we're gonna tone it down a bit for Valentine's Day." And so this one couple started dancing, and the dude had his hands on the girls butt and the teachers had to break them up. And whenever two people started to slow dance they went to break them up. It was pointless! xD
    Too late for that. *sniffle*

  3. Creepy Drew wants to touch girls O.O