Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Week At School :)

Woo! I had a good week at school! Even thought it was technically only 2 1/2 days... but whatever! For starters I guess I should mention I'm pretty mart (not trying to brag!) and I am in honors. I'm probably one of the top three smartest in my class, but definitely behind Hannah. So, on Monday I has a quiz in Ancient Civ. and I got a 90! All is good so far, right? Then I had a snow day Tuesday and Wednesday, and a 2 hour delay on Thursday! On Thursday I had a Spanish quiz, and I got an 100! Today in Ancient Civ. our teacher was complaining about how bad we did on the quiz and came up with a solution to help raise our grades, even though mine was already pretty good. He was going to let us correct the questions we got wrong using our textbooks and notes, and then he'd average our old and new scores together to get our new grade! And since I knew I fixed the one questions I got wrong correctly, it should bring my grade up to a 95! Woot! These next two things made me feel really good. Well, for this unit in Ancient Civ. instead of having a quiz we had to write a research paper on a Greek philosopher. My Ancient Civ. teacher is a wicked tough grader, like seriously we swear he was meant to be an English teacher. So today once I finished making up the question I got wrong, he pulled me up to his desk to discuss my paper. He said he really liked, and gave me an A! What made me even more excited was that he asked for a copy of it! I don't know what for, but I hope it's for a good reason. The final thing is probably the best thing that happened to me at school in a while! Our school does these things called open response questions as practice for the MCAS. It's when you read a passage and thent hey ask you a question and you have to provide details and stuff like that. Well, we do a schoolwide one once per month in English, and our teacher said that for all of the kids who got 4s (graded as 0 being the worst, 4 the best) she would give candy bars too. Then she'd pick the best 4, and give them a pair of movie tickets. When I was writing mine, everyone just assumed Hannah would win. So when my English teacher announced my name as the winner on Thursday, I was shocked! I'm so excited! Sorry, I feel like I'm rambing... Ah well.


  1. Aw, sounds like a great week.
    My big week was last week, when I won the class spelling bee.
    Now I have to compete against the other winners of their class spelling bees and I'm terribly nervous.

  2. I used to be a really goos speller, I guess I still am...
    Congrats on winning! And good luck!

  3. Good Luck!
    My week goes by too fast, I don't have enough time to do anything before it's Thursday and I have to turn in all my junk!

  4. I know right, same here. -.-