Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tanner Baby Legacy Chapter 3

The Tanner Baby Legacy Chapter 3 A Baby Challenge

"Why do I have to do this? This is what I had kids for!"
No, you had kids because i made you woohoo with random men.
"Still. I'm pregnant."
And I'm Drew, nice to meet you Pregnant.
"Ha ha."

"Ew! Is it supposed to be that hard?"
Um... sure?
"Oh, okay then."
What are toddlers eating nowadays???

Trish is always on the look out for other baby daddy's...

...getting closer to some than others. O.o

So sucking face does speed up labor!
"Not. Helping. Aggghhhh!"
Baby #3 is on it's way!

And Karate was born, the child of Trish and Thorton Wolf.

The moment after dropping Karate off in his crib, Trish invites Jake over so the two can get "busy doing their taxes". Yup, that's it.

And before we knew it, birthday time struck the Tanner household! First up, we have the newest addition, Karate aging up into a toddler.

But of course, in the middle of his party, the effects of "filing taxes" kicked in, and Trish found herself on the bathroom floor.

Just to prove I suck at taking photos, here's a picture of Karate, with his eyes closed. Ah well, I still think he's adorable. He has his father's nose, and it's a little early to tell about anything else. Oh, and his hair color is a mystery.

After we finished with Karate, it was tiem for Gymnastics to become a child. Unfortunately, it appears she's taken after he father, Connor Frio, and is beginning to resemble a fish. So far, I think Karate is definitely the most attractive, even though he's still in the toddler stage.

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