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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover Chapter 3

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover: Chapter 3 A Differences In The Family Tree

Lenny was keen on teaching Jenny her skills as soon as possible after hearing that it lead to a flourishing life. I didn't protest, but I began to feel like she was catching on to Lenny's teaching strategy and was not truly collecting the information. Either way, she was talking a few weeks after her birthday, leaving Lenny with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I continued to garden regularly, and would often find Jenny wandering out back to spend time with her mother. Lenny would follow her intently, curious of her determination, but gave up as he saw me holding her. Jenny woulf often bring her toys out back with her, but she scarcely used them, in awe by the plants and overall outdoors. Lenny was grateful for when Jenny would accomparny me outside, leaving him with some free time to continue his hobby, painting.

My nearly daily routine of sprinting to the bathroom to relive my breakfast no longer had my husband requesting if I was all right, instead we both what this meant. Another Listo was on it's way.

Of course, I made time to assist my own daughter with her life skills as well, getting her on her training potty whatever chance I had before she filled her diaper. Lenny seemed relieved that I had chosen to play a role in my daughter's life, which surprised me quite a bit, was I really becoming that involved with my farming?

When I woke up morning, our suspicions were gleefully confirmed, I felt the baby kick and I was sure of it. Once I delivered the news to Lenny, we couldn't have been more ecstatic! Jenny glanced at us, confused by our fast speaking and eager mood, I just hope she'll adapt smoothly with an additonal child in out family.

Jenny is an extremely quiet toddler, it's actually rather scary. If she wakes up in the middle of the night she doesn't scream, she just sits there like an adorable angel. After the first few days with no screams, Lennya nd I began to monitor her actions during the night, and we stumbled upon this abnormal deed. It's as if she doesn't want to make our lives more complicated than they need to be.

Lenny's paintings have truly become something to stare at, instead of selling them I've insisted on hanging a few around the house and they have made all the difference.

Lately I've bene focusing on getting Jenny to walk. I've been teaching her outside in the garden where she seems to be at constant peace, and I can't blame her. She picked up walking quite fast and was soon beginning to resemble a grown woman! Well, I guess that's just how her Momma sees it...

Jenny alternates between the xylophone and peg box, but lately she's been drifting more towards the peg box. My little girl's going to grow up to be quite logical, that's for sure. As long as she helps out in the garden, anything's okay with me.

The due date for our next child was approaching at a rapid speed, Lenny complained that he wasn't able to enjoy every second of pregnancy because I was progressing so fast, jokingly of course. We're just so excited to be able to experience the journey again!

Things have been breaking without mercy around the house, leaving Lenny with an endless list of things to accomplish before the day's over. I can tell he's becoming stressed, but I know once he sees the face of our new addition, he'll be right back to his original self.

I was doing my nightly check on my garden when my water broke suddenly. "What?" I exclaimed, clutching my stomach, I could feel the baby squirming.

Screama of horror filled the dark night, and in a matter of seconds, Lenny had abandoned Jenny and was at my side. He shot me a disapproving look, as if I was making a big deal out of nothing, "Relax, Sweety, I'm right here." In between deep breaths, I was able to respond, "Bring me to the hospital. Something's not right." Lenny thought I was making a big deal out of nothing, but oblidged anyways, figuring arguing with a woman in labor would get him nowhere.

Meanwhile, in teh front yard, Tiarra Angelista, Lenny's ex, was recording this moment while laughing hysterically. She sighed as the amusement ended while we pired in our car. Man, some women just need to learn to let go.

"His name is Terry," I mumbled, handing Lenny the newborn before heading to out awaiting car.
"Molly! Molly!" he called out, before catching up to me, "What's wrong?" I shot a glance at the child in Lenny's arms, before looking away in disgust. He had done this to me. He has ruined my life.
"He..." I burst into tears immediately, Lenny pulling me into his arms. After recovering, I finished, "He's our last one Lenny. The delivery went awry, I can't conceive anymore. All we have is our two."

Lenny was disappointed by the news of course, and tried his best to console me. But I couldn't, Terry had ruined my dream of a beautiful family completely, therefore I wanted nothing to do with the child. Lenny was in charge of the children for the following weeks as I through myseelf into gardening, he understood but wished I didn't ignore the children. Why shouldn't I? They're just a remember of what could have been.

As Terry's birthday rolled around, I tried my best to get excited for him, but my heart just wasn't there. Lenny and I had been drifting apart, him appauled by how I wanted nothing to do with my offspring. He seemed to relax at my attempt to be happy for my son, even though I knew he could see right through my phony acting.

But now I ask myself, why wouldn't I want to be involved with a child that adorable?

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