Friday, February 25, 2011

My Alphabetical Legacy Chapter 2

My Alphabetical Legacy: Chapter 2

I was so tied up in bringing in the next generation, that I almost completely forgot about Brianna and Barbera! With my guild conscience kicking in, I decided to make it up to at least one of them, and get them a boyfriend! So I chose my least favorite of the twins, Barbera, and paired her with Bart Langraab. Ah, young love. Use protection! You hear?!?!?

There is literally nothing to do around the house all day for a pregnant woman. Nothing. So I bought her a work out bench and she gained the Athletic faster than I've seen any Sim ever do! I swear, within her 2 days on that thing she went from level 2 to 7! Talk about your skill icreases.
"You just think I'm pudgy."
"Oh really."
Okay, well maybe a little.

"Do I know you?"
"I'm Teri."
"What does that change?"
"I'm your daughter-in-law. I married Benjamin."
"Pregnant with your grandchild."
"Oh! That Teri! Come give Daddy a smooch!"
"Coming Ben!"
"He didn't call for you."
"Oh yes he did."

Thankfully, Brianna and Barbera's birthdays were right around the corner. Hey, there bedroom's becoming the nnursery, I need them out of here! So hurry up and become young adults so I can "lovingly" kick you out.
"Ha ha ha! You're getting old!"
"Says the man with wrinkles."

Here's Brianna, I think she actually aged up rather pretty. She almost resembles her mother exactly, except with red hair and her freakish nose. But I'm definitely still pleased with my pick as Benjamin for the generation's heir.

I tried, Barbera, I tried. And so did the makeup. Yeah, it just doesn't do you anything. But hey, this is why I gave you Bart, because I knew your looks wouldn't be able to seduce any willing man!

Hallelujah! It's finally time for them to move out! But where do they move? Right. Next. Door. You've got to be kidding me. See that blue house in the background with the telescope? That would be the legacy house!
"That's what you get for calling me ugly."
Nobody asked you Barbera.

Not a moment too soon after I redecorated the nursery...
"The baby!"
The eggplant!
"It's coming!"
It's delicious!
"You're not helping!"
You're suffering!

After an extremely quick trip to the hospital, Teri delivers the first baby of generation C, Connor!

Like I said that was only the first baby of generation C...

And the affects of the next pregnancy came into play not long after that fun night.

It's time to see if Ben and Teri produce adorable babies! Let's age him up!
"Who's Teri?"
Oh Jared.

Sorry about Connor's eyes being closed, but I'm pretty sure they were brown if any of you cared! I think he turned out absolutely adorable, I'm already in love with him!

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