Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Raining Color Chapter 2

It's Raining Color: Chapter 2 A Rainbowcy

"Wahhh! Feed me Mommy! Wahhh!"
"Oh shut it you worthless thing."
"Mommy loves you very much.
Oh Cherry.

This made my day, I'll have you know.
Blargh to you too.

"Right foot, left foot, right foot, uh oh."
A Criminal in training at her finest... shockingly.

"Get over here so I can take this knife-"
"-and make you a delicious salad!"
Good girl.

"Orange honey, it's a miracle! I'm pregnant again!"
"Weights. Zzzz..."
Did Cherry just say something that wasn't suicidal?
"Gasp! Why would I kill myself? I'm going to have two kids to look after now!"
Wow. Those pregnancy hormones sure kick in fast.

"Come on Sweetie, if you're good enough, I'll give you chocolate."
Yeah, posioned chocolate.
"What was that?"
Oh nothing.
"Are you saying I'd try to kill my own babies? You should be ashamed of yourself!"
Oh I am.
Uh huh.
"Wait, was that sarcasm?"
"Oh. Okay then."

"You make me fell like I want an orange baby, yeah. One that I can snuggle, and hold tight. I'll never let go, I'll never let go."
Aw, I feel for you Orange. I do.

"Can you say nature is Mommy's friend. And that without, the Earth would be nothing but..."
"Oh God."
I can't wait until she pops that sucker out.

"Is my orange baby okay? Is it?"
Orange, don't you think the smart thing to do would be to take your wife to the hospital?
Alrighty then.

"Calm blue oceans. Calm blue oceans. Calm blue oceans."
Oh. My. God.
"Calm blue oceans. Oh look, Dessert just waved to me! Hi Sweetie!"
She is starting to scare me.

"Oh hell no."
Welcome back Cherry! In her arms is the eldest of her twin girls, Cheesecake, and behind her, being held by Orange is Berry! And they are both orange! Woot!

I hate to say it but I think Orange loves the twins more than Dessert because they have the same skin tone as him.
"That is so- true. So very, very true."

Finally it was time for the twins to gor wup out of the beautiful "baby" stage and become even "more beautiful" toddlers.
"Woot! Woot! Two more babies I can kill!"
"I mean give my endless supply of love too."
That's more like it.

Here's Cheesecake, who is most likely going top be heir since she is all orange! She has her father's hair and skin color, but has light brown eyes which I don't know where they came from.

Here's her younger sister, Berry. Who also has her dad's skin, but her mom's hair and eye color. Finally, someone with a normal colored eye!


  1. I hope you mean "Her mom's hair and eye color"
    (I love rainbowcies, I think I'm going to start one on my blog)

  2. Ha! I'll try to change that in a second!
    Yeah, Rainbowcies are loads of fun! :)

  3. Her eyes look red...that's normal?


  4. For the family yes. Both Dessert and Cheesecake have random eye colors. Berry has her Mom's. :)

  5. Andre Rake had red eyes, that had never happened before in all my simming time since both his parnts had brown.
    Isn't it weird when thet come out with weird features?

  6. I hate it. -.-
    It annoys me! Gah. :P

  7. It's funny ^.^
    I miss my Shizzles, I think it's time to change my avvi...

  8. Me too! It sucks how your skins got all screwed up...

  9. All my stories failed because of laziness, no time, and skin issues..... -.-


  10. :'(
    That sucks... I really liked the Shizzles too...