Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Brine Legacy Chapter 2

The Brine Legacy: Chapter 2

Since there is absolutely nothing around the house to do because this family is so dirt poor, Selena and Katy have resorted to playing chess. Ah well, sucks for them.

And since only two people can play chess, Victoria has to go play with the her twin sisters at the play table.
"Look, kid. I'm not here to play nice. You see these? Yeah, they're all mine, and those, yeah, those are mine too."
"What about mwe?"

"I gotta get out of this place."
"But I brought you home to play with you."
"Zac, there's nothing to do here! We're surrounded by girls!"
"Tag! You're it!"

Now that Khloe's off of her maternity leave, she know works days. Thankfully, Taylor's schedule is flexible since he's a Private Investiagtor. Unfortunately for him, he's stuck on toddler duty... all day.

"Woot! That's my baby up there!"
"Mom, he's 13."
"He's still my baby."
"I worry about you."
"Me too."

"I wish for a hot girlfriend. And to be hot."
Self-centered much?
"Oh! And for global warming to end!"
That's more like it.

Here's Zac as a teenager! I think he looks pretty decent. Ladies?


  1. Glad to hear it! My two Sims can make good genetics! :)

  2. He reminds me of an elder for some reason....

  3. I figure it's the line around his mouth 

  4. He's smiling? *looks at picture*, maybe it's his cheeks O.O

  5. Whatever. I think he looks fine...

  6. Yeah yeah, he's alright....

    Not as cute as G.W. is gonna be though xD

    You'll find out soon enough...

  7. G.W. is gonna be the cutest EVER!!!