Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Generations Photos!!!

So I made an entire family to test the game out! This is just going to be a quick overview of all of the fun features in Generations that I've played so far! So, here's Bob Miller.

His son, Robby Miller.

And here's Bob's mother, Becca!

In a separate family but still in the same household, we have Trish Clemens.

Her daughter, Sarah Clemens.

And Trish's other daughter, Tamara.

Oh, and there's this random guy I made live with them all, Tom Michaels.

I bought a house that was premade just for Generations, and it had everything! So I sent Sarah over to the slip-n-slide to have a little fun!

I totally thought they lied about the canes, but I found 'um! And you can adjust the way they walk with them too! ^_^

I love this interaction! <3
It's so lifelike and it's just adorable!

Robby's having some fun with the chemistry set! It's amusing when they blow up when they don't find anything! ^_^
I haven't tried out any of the potions yet though, but just from the names they sound pretty cool!

Home. Movies. <3
Oh, and I'm not sure where I'd fit this in, but Sims can now take classes after school at the school, I've registered my kids in them but they haven't officially taken them yet. So, I'm not exactly sure what the deal with that is. Oh, and there's field trips! I got the permission slip pop up, but I haven't seen him gone yet. And teens can ask their parents to teach them how to drive! It's fun to watch the car but when they're in the car they couldn't be anymore bland... Bah, enough with the randomness.

Okay, these treehouses are amazing! They're so detailed! I'm having fun just watching the kids play in them! 

And spill water on people... XD

Not the main purpose of the picture (I gust like laughing at his reaction...) but there's body hair now! I'm not sure if that's exciting though...

Ah, but let's not forget the pranks now!

It wasn't exactly good timing for Sarah considering she did it right in front of her mom...
But I love this part! The kids get scolded and actually punished (if you want to you can lift the punishment). Sarah here (after multiple prankings) wasn't allowed to go up in the treehouse, use the computer, and was grounded. And I kept it that way. x]

Pillow fighting is back!!! <3

There's adorable new romantic interactions too! You get to pick the color of the flowers and everything... except it costs 40 simoleons. Way to be pricy EA. -_-

Cuddling under the stars... <3
There's dates too!

And let's not forget the shower woohoo... o.o
You cannot tell me that that's actually comfotable...

There's a new Daycare Profession, it's a lot of work but still a lot of fun!

Finally, there's the backelorette/bachelor parties! Here's a guest toasting the bride-to-be by comparing her to a yetti... XD

And of course, the "nectar" spraying.

Then this random guy shows up (half nacked for a bachelorette party of course...) and delivers a radio and starts dancing away. XD
This is just some of the fun I've had with Generation so far! I can't wait to discover more with the game!


My mom got Generations for me while I was at school today! ^.^
Just finished installing it, too! =D
Better yet, I have no homework! :-)
I'll take pictures and stuff along the way to share with you guys! ^_^

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking Beyond the Scars and Bruises

Looking Beyond the Scars and Bruises Assignment 2 for Pens, Pencils and Pixie Dust

“You look fine,” I coaxed, forcing a wry smile across my aching face. At least the bruise was covered by my cropped bangs, no one would be noticing that anytime soon. Abuse had merely become a part of my everyday routine: eat breakfast, get punched, brush teeth, get kicked, go to school, come home, get slapped and the cycle went on an on, only to be repeated the next day. The years had trudged by painfully, literally, and no matter who I told they would always find an excuse to dismiss my “overreactions” to protect the reputation of my parents. But this year was different. This year my life was going to change. And I was going to make sure of that.
New Years Eve was about half a year ago, but the pact David and I had agreed upon burned fresh in my mind: that we would fulfill the resolution we had written on the slip of paper in front of us. The two of us crossed our fingers behind our back, and threw the scrap papers into the roaring fire. 

“You missed a spot,” the sudden cold voice of my father caused me to jump instinctively.
“Um, thanks,” I mumbled as I brushed my hand up to my cheek, caressing the scars he had intentionally left for the entire world to see, hoping they would feel his strength and accept his power.
“Cute outfit,” he remarked smugly while eyeing me from head to toe. Trust me, skimpy clothing was not my choice of attire, it would be father’s… my ever so perverted father. Thankfully, he never thought of abusing me in that sense, but that didn’t stop his mind from considering the possibility.
“I’m glad you like it,” I sheepishly answered.  

“You’re not fooling me,” my father testified, disappointment ringing in his voice. “Why?! I provide you with clothing, shelter, and now these amazing sets of clothes! And you disrespect me?! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”
“Daddy, please! I’m sorry, I’ll never-” but my protest was too late, he had already connected his firm hand with my tattered face. 

I don’t know what happened but something about this particular incident really hit an emotional nerve. Taking drama as an elective finally found a way to weave its way into my life and make itself useful. Although my father hadn’t struck me with all that much force I pretended like he had, acting woozy and tipsy, teetering and tottering across my cramped room. Eventually, I wound up at my nightstand where I faked knocking over my glass vase full of flowers, only to swiftly catch it in midair. I cast my father a relieved glance as he gave a chuckle of amusement, inching closer and closer, attempting to trap me in the corner.
No. Not this time.
Carefully, I raised the vase above my head and watched as my father’s face grew tight with confusion. With all of my strength I united the vessel with my father’s scalp, instantaneously sending him to the floor leaving him unresponsive. 

My mother must have heard the echoing thud of my father as he collided with the floor because she bolted through the door a few moments later.
“What did you do?!” she interrogated, rushing to her husband’s side. Although my mother wasn’t the smartest woman around she was capable of taking a pulse, but this knowledge did her no good as my father had no pulse to take. What I thought was a simple blow to the head had managed to kill my father in a mere matter of seconds.
“You killed him! You killed him!” she shrieked, curling up in a ball next to his body.
“I… I didn’t mean to! I swear! I was just… I was just…” I stuttered. Was I supposed to feel guilty for murdering my father? Because I didn’t… It felt as if the heaviest weight in the world had been taken off my shoulders. It felt, well, great. 

The following morning we had a quiet service in the backyard, my mother bawling her eyes out while I cast her multiple skeptical looks. I was more concerned with the possibility of her ratting me out to the police than mourning the loss of my father. Mom trudged up to Dad’s grave and shared a few words of condolences before bursting into an uncontrollable session of tears. I felt so sinister smiling at her misfortune, but after all of the horrible things I’d been through I knew I deserved some sort of closure. 

Mom stepped back and I hesitantly faced my father’s grave, only to find myself smiling and waving at his remains. “Get out of abusive situation: check.”

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Alphabetical Legacy Chapter 3

My Alphabetical Legacy: Chapter 3 

"And get this, now they make me sleep in day old newspaper! Like a dog! Do I look like a dog? Don't you dare answer that!"
Who are you...
"I said don't answer that!"

Andrea's teaching her grandson all of his life skills, since I'm against her sitting around on her butt all day.
"Well I'm not."
Do I care?

"Sorry, I'll be out of your hair in a second."
"No, please. Take your time. You're doing my job for me."
"Why thank you! Remind me why we're not paying you more?"
"I don't know..."
"I think you deserve an 100 simoleon pay raise!"


I <3 Connor! He's so adorable!!! <333

"Can you say 'I wanna be a rock star!'?"
Ugh, I knew you would find away to manipulate him early on in life...
"Payback sucker."

"I'm pregnant!"
Woot Teri's officially carrying the next of generation C. :-D

"Dear God my back hurts."
You've only been pregnant for one second!
"Yeah right."
You're in the same spot where you changed into your maternity clothes.
I think not.

So Teri's dad decided to throw a party where the attire was swim wear (even though they had no pool..) and proceeded to feel his daughter's barely showing stomach while she was in her bathing suit...
Am I the only one who finds that a little creepy? o.o

As much as I hate to admit it, that is pretty cool. 8)

"Aren't these pancakes just delicious?"
"Yeah, they're pretty -cough- -choke- -cough-"
"Yay! You're choking!"

"Jared! Save it for the bedroom!"
"I'll be waiting..."

"-cough- That's your third helping!"
"Look how fat you're getting!"
"I'm pregnant, moron."
"You are...?"
"No, I'm just fat."
"See, I told you!"

"Can you hear anything, babe?"
"Life is tasty!"
"I was reading your shirt..."
"Oh, I thought our baby was talking."
"Did you even read that pregnancy book?"
"Okay, no."

"I should've read that darned booooook!"
Sucks to be you. >:)

A little while later, Ben and Teri became the proud parents of a little girl, who they named Christina!

And the final baby of generation C is made!

Andrea is the best grandmother ever! <3
Oh, and because of little Christina's arrival I had to build an extension on the hosue. Her bedroom is the only one on the second floor! 

You know what this means!
"-blah- That I -puke- hate you? -hurl-"

"Ha ha ha! My wife's getting wrinkly! Ha ha ha!"
"Put a sock in it Jared."
"Sorry, Sweetie."
Andrea may be aging up, but so is our youngest member of the family!

Wow. I think Andrea aged up great! Seriously, I think she might be the best looking elder I've ever seen! To me, she's prettier as an elder than she was when she was an adult. Wow!

Christina aged up quite nicely too!