Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Yeah, well the title pretty much says it all! ^_^
Eggs are scattered all around my house, and me and my brother can't wait to get started!
I woke up and there was a basket sitting in my room with a movie, Red Sox shirt, and candy (mainly Butterfingers- Yum!).
Have a great day everyone!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Just Want To Be Normal Chapter 1

I Just Want To Be Normal: Chapter 1 A Battle For Your True Colors

Married life ain't all that different, I don't get what everyone is always fussing about. Julienne doesn't care what I do, as long as it's nothing illegal... Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.

I can't help it, Evil is in my blood, what am I supposed to do? Bottle it in?

Julienne thinks I'm unemployed, so she was a little uneasy about how we stood financially. She headed into town to get a job in the Business Career, something she's wanted to do her entire life, but her parents had forced her into Culinary.

Julie's (isn't that nickname awesome? Thought of it myself...) been sick every morning now, and we can't seem to place our finger on the reason why, we just hope she'll be healthy soon. I insist we go to a doctor, but she keeps telling me it's nothing serious. I'm hoping it's just a result of our fun night, and that she's just got a bun in the oven, not some serious disorder or something.

Been working out a lot lately to keep in shape for work, need to outrun those cops one way or another. Ah well, the end result is well worth it, Julie can't seem to get her hands off me... Not that I mind.

The other day, Julie and I were pleasantly surprised. After Julie's yearly check up to the doctor, they had revealed that she is indeed pregnant. Julie couldn't be more ecstatic! She's constantly patting her stomach or watching the kids network. I'm excited too, don't get me wrong, just not to the same extent. Jeez, it's just a kid.

Literally, Julie's bouncing off the walls with excitement for the baby's birth. We've agreed on not finding out which gender our child is, so when she went crazy decorating the nursery, we decked the place out in yellows and oranges. I couldn't help myself when I was painting the rockets on the walls, what can I say? I really want it to be a boy.

Julie's experience with cooking is awesome, I love coming home from "finding a job" to a delicious meal. She says she doesn't mind though, she says it's the only thing she can do to help contribute since she can't earn any money while she's pregnant.

Sometimes when I come home after a day at work, I'll catch Julie on her laptop, checking statistics over the course of the week from the office. The Workaholic in her simply can't be without a task. I always manage to get her off though, insisting that she should rest due to her big day fast approaching.

Trust me, it really is fast approaching! Julie is getting bigger and bigger everyday!

Luckily for her, Julie's boss just happens to be her mother, so she had no problem befriending her. They've also developed a common bound with Pattina's pregnancy. That's right, Julie is getting a new sibling at the same time she's having her own child!

A month after Julie had entered her final trimester, she went into an extremely early labor. Unfortunately, we had no choice other than to deliver the baby prematurely. Julie was in hysterics, unsure with what she did wrong. All I could was reassure her and coach her through the birthing process.

About a week later, Julie was finally released from the hospital. She had given birth to a baby girl, Sarah, who was doing surprisingly well considering her predicament. I went a little crazy after my daughter's birth, I guess I had unkowingly convinced myself that my child would be male. Sarah wouldn't be able to help me with my missions for work. No, women are too "proper".

Julie was instructed to be resting at all times, well, I guess that's basically the meaning of bed rest anyways. Doctors fear this might have been happening, and it looks like it might, but Julie is growing increasingly weak, as well as sick. It's like she has a horrible case of the flu. Whatever, she'll make it through it.

Sarah is the last of my priorities, as long as I give her a bottle when she's hungry, I just ignore the remainder of her cries. But it's not like I'm off doing pointless things, I'm taking care of Julie. However, I got a very disappointing call the other day from her doctor.
"Hi, is this Collin Attribute? Julienne's husband?" he inquired.
"That would be me," I declared.
"Your wife, Sir, is very ill," he began. "But don't fret, there is a treatment. But it'll cost a great deal of simoleons."
"How much?"
"One hundred thousand."
"I don't have that kind of money. And there's no way our insurance will cover that!"
"I'm sorry Mr. Attribute, perhaps there's something-"
"I'll work this out myself," I snarled, hanging up.

I didn't tell Julie about the horrid news, instead life just went on. And when little Sarah's birthday rolled around, I watched as my wife struggled to even hold our daughter to her cake. She gave a tired smile when Sarah gurgled, but simply retreated back to our bedroom where I heard depressed weeps.

Sarah ended up looking exactly like me, If I do say so myself. And that translates into super attractive.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Word Is Law Chapter 2

Your Word Is Law: Chapter 2 A Simon Says...

Being pregnant and taking care of a rambunctious toddler do not mix well, and I frequently find myself in my bedroom, yearning to take a nap. Henry's work hours are very demanding, and I understand that I have to accept that, it's just sometimes I wish I had a helping hand in basically raising Kim. I also wouldn't mind knowing what my husband actually does for a living, but he swears that what he does is top secret and he isn't allowed to reveal his occupation. But I can't complain, afterall, the bills are getting paid.

Every winking moment from when I'm awake I'm constantly tending to Kim's needs, not that it's necessarily a bad thing. Whether it's preparing a bottle, playing with her, or teacher her a life skill, I'm with her almost the entire day. Lately, I've been teaching her how to walk and she's thankfully picking up rather quickly. Let's just hope it's this way for everything, since I'll be teaching her everything she needs to know at this stage in her life. Often times, when I think about our lives, I wonder if Kim even knows that Henry is her father or if he's simply the man who sleeps in the same bed as her mother.

We may be paying the bills okay, but we certainly don't have enough income to provide our growing family with an extension. We've unfortunately had to settle with the cribs being in the living room, being on constant display. I feel like a horrible parent when I realize my children don't have a place to call their own, but I know that Henry and I are doing the best we can with what we're earning.

Thankfully, I'm rather sure Henry's been picking up the hints I've been dropping regarding his neglect towards Kim. I walked in the other day only to discover Henry impatiently attempting to teach Kim how to use the potty. I honestly can't ask for more, as long as he's making an effort that's enough to keep me smiling.

Some days when Henry comes home extremely late and I wait up for him, I can't help but interrogate about his whereabouts. Every time though he somehow manages to make me forget about my question and sweep me off my feet just like the first time we met. I don't protest though, every woman wants to feel loved.

Occasionally, Henry will come home excessively late, too late for me to remaine awake. A good portion of these nights, he'll emerge from a taxi arguing into his cell phone, cussing and using violent language. I awaken every time this occurs, and listen intently to the snippets of the conversation I manage to understand through the bedroom walls. It's nothing recognizable though, I'm unable to conclude about which type of career Henry has persued, so I guess I'll have to trust him...

I'm not the only one who worries when Henry's shouting outside our house, Kim senses that something is amiss and begins bawling in response. I groggily pull myself out of bed to comfort her, but Henry always hastily ends the discussion and is at Kim's side in a hearbeat. It's nice seeing the two of them together.

The other day, a heavily pregnant woman stopped by the house just after Henry had left for work.
"Aren't you adorable," she said ruffling Kim's ginger hair. I laughed as she turned into my shoudler, unsure how to react to the stranger's kindness.
"What can I do for you?" I inquired, smiling warmly.
"Is Henry Isle here?" she asked.
"You just missed him, sorry. Want me to relay a message?"
"Oh no, that's fine. This is something he needs to here from me," she placed a hand on her stomach. I couldn't decide if this was an intentinional move or a force of habbit. "And who might you be?"
"Me?" I restated, baffled by her sudden mood change. "I'm Grace, Henry's wife." I watched as her eyes widened and then as she shook her head, confirming what I had said. With that she turned around and piled in her car, not even bothering to mumble a goodbye.

I didn't bother mentioning the strange meeting with the woman when Henry returned home from work early that evening. I simply acted normal and allowed him to carry on with his usual routine for the afternoon. I couldn't help but wonder if Henry could possibly be the father of that lady's child, but then I remembered that Henry was more than faithful to me. Besides, I couldn't even think that straight considering Henry was working out right in front of me...

A few months later I was finishing some dusting around the house before I was going to head off to bed when I got a call from my partner at work, Blair. Blair is awesome, I truly love her. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with on a day-to-day basis. Not only is she skilled at what she does, but she also has countless ties, meaning she gets the latest town gossip practically as it's happening.
"Have you heard?!" she squeeled when I answered.
"Heard what?" I laughed at her contagious excitement.
"Claire Ursine! She just went into labor! She's headed down to the hospital right now!" Blair spilled. Births were rare in Sunset Valley due to the heavy elderly population, so the news was remarkable.
"I didn't even know she was pregnant!" I gushed. Despite my few trips to town, you usually see, or at least hear, these types of things. But then I remembered the woman who asked for Henry the other day! She was definitely pregnant. "Wait, Blair? What does Claire look like?"
"Well she's on the heavier side, she has red hair that's usually tucked under a ratty old hat, and-"
That's all I needed, "Thanks, Blair. I have to go."
"What? Why?"
I fumbled before setlling on a lie, "Kim, she's crying her poor, little eyes out."
"Give her a kiss for me!" Blair begged.
"Will do. Night."

Slowly, I crept out of our bedroom and into the living room where Kim sat in her crib, awaiting sleep to overwhelm her. Henry's cell phone chirped from the kitchen, and Kim immediately began a light sob.
"Shhh!" I cooed, pressing a finger to my lips as she shot me a worried glance. I tip-toed over and caressed her cheek, before putting my plan into action.

I curled up in the corner of the room and began to cry hysterically, a trick I had picked up in my drama class in high school. Rocking back and forth, I felt the warm tears trickle onto my hands and I continued to produce more and more. I brought my knees to my chest the best I could due to my circular stomach becoming a bit too much to overpower. Finally, Henry heard my weeping and came sprinting out of the kitchen, murmering a goodbye into his cell.
"Grace, Honey, what's-?" he stuttered, but I cut him off.
"Can't. Take it." I stammered in between sobs.
"Sweetie, what do you mean?"
"I. Always. Kim." the fragments helped make the preformance more belivable, especially when I shot a glance at our confused daughter.
"I want to help, Grace, I do. But I really need to be somewhere right now," he explained.
"Pregnancy. Too. Much." I exclaimed before falling back into a session of tears.

Henry rushed over and kissed me on the head before sharing a few words of reassurance, but then bolted for the front door. "It's an... Erm..." he stumbled for an excuse, "Work emergency. Amazing opportunity! Can't miss out on!" Those were his last words before he left me bawling in the corner. That is, until I heard the taxi he had leaped into speed away, where I stood up, brushed off my clothes, and pondered if Henry was on his way to see the birth of Claire Ursine's child. His child.

I simply declared the evening an anxiety attack (which it wasn't) and told stories of how I'd had them often had them throughout high school (which I hadn't). The final months of my pregnancy went smoothly, and I felt the first signs of labor the day before my due date. I could tell right from the start that this delivery wouldn't be as proper as Kim's, and I figured it was a result of the unusual stress that had piled up in my life.

Painful hours of a difficult birth trudged by, but little Tauny Urna was well worth it. Spectators gathered around and marveled over the town's new addition, and Henry and I nearly pushed our way through the crowd to meet our taxi.

Henry and I had previously agreed upon 3 children being the stopping point for our family, and I was certainly going to follow through with that arrangement. Once little Tauny was safely in her crib, we proceeded to do some "adult things". Henry looked at me, unsure if this was the best decision due to my episode a while ago, but I merely ignored it and conceived my final child.

Kim was growing up rapidly, and was becoming quite the independant young lady simultaneously. Although I still kept a watchful eye on her while she played with her toys, I tended to focus on Tauny a little bit more, wanting her to feel welcomed and loved by her mother. Henry swore I was the best mother there was, I just blushed at his comments and gleefully played with my daughter.

However, I didn't want Kim to feel as if she were forgotten, and I made sure I set aside some special time for the two of us to bond each day. Kim alternated between the xylophone and shape sorter, and I was eager to assist her with which ever task she decided on.

Morning sickness felt that him and I weren't getting enough quality time, and I found myself in the bathroom much more often then I wanted. Although it was uncomfortable, I knew it would all pay off as little Kim came in and began patting her mother on her back. How did she know that that was just what I needed?

Weeks later, a trip to the doctor revealed I was indeed pregnant, and I couldn't have been happier. I awoke each and every morning only to rub my stomach or study its growth in the nearby mirror.

Time moved on quickly, too quickly in fact, and little Tauny's birthday had soon approached us. I reluctantly brought my child to her birthday cake, not wanting to watch her grow up before my eyes. My, I need to cherish these baby days a little bit more next time around!

Tauny grew up to be absoultely stunning. She inherited her father's skin tone and gorgeous hair color, but my vivid blue eyes. What am I to do? I might go crazy being surrounded by all this cuteness!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maine!!!!! :D

Woot! Tomorrow my family's going up to Maine until Friday! We have a house up there that we close for the winter, so it'll be fun to go up again after this long time! We haven't been up since October, so this trip will mostly be cleaning, but it's bound to be fun. I'm just so excited! I'll probably be bringing my laptop with me, but I most likely won't be using it, I feel like it kills the whole experience. Just thought I'd let you know, just in case you were wondering why I wasn't on the forums or anything! Bon voyage!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baseball and Vacation!!!

This week I have no school! Woot! It's for April Vacation which ties into the Easter holiday. So, I'm obviously excited. My family will be heading up to Maine to open up our little "shoebox" of a house we have up there, getting it cleaned and organized for the summer. This week also marks the beginning of baseball, but I'm sadly not playing this year... But my brother is! And his first game is today, which I'll be going to! Ah, I love the spring. It finally feels like things are starting to happen around here! ^.^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Backstage With Lilly!

Okay, so I entered another modeling competition of a friend of mine, Emma, from The Sims 3 website, and I just finished the second assignment. I'm really pleased with the way it came out!

Okay, let me explain the pictures! Well, the top one is the picture I submitted. It's my first time doing a "collage" type thing, and I think it turned out really well. Hey, at least I'm proud of it... There's also been a romance sparking between Lilly and Marmalade Tangerine, a Berry sim I created for my other simming friend, Bethany, to use in her story. The couple has recently announced that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriends. And the last to pictures are me having a little fun with the new Pose Player from Mod The Sims. Let me know how you think I did guys! And I hate to sounds cocky, but I really loved the final product! ^.^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Turning Back Now...

I was outside today after school waiting for my bus to show up, and my English teacher was outside. I was talking to one of my friends and she pulled me aside to talk to me privately.
"Hi Drew. Where's ___?"
This is about my friend who's getting abused by the way.
"On her bus, why?"
"Has she told you anything more about... what's happening?"
"No, nothing, She says it's just discipline and that she can handle it."
"Yeah, well I don't many 13 year old girls who still get hit to be taught a lesson."
"I know. And I asked if they do anything to her little brother and sister and she said no."
"Well, I told the guidance counselor. She said she's going to try and pull her aside and talk to her about it. I don't know if she has though."
"Yeah, I'll have to check up with her, and see if she did anything."
"Okay. Well thanks."
Yeah, so hopefully this means that help is on the way for my good friend. ^.^

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Acceptance Introduction

Acceptance: Introduction A Double Legacy

"Where are we going?" I begged, practically stumbling in my heels as I raced up the hill.
"We're not there yet," Gabrielle, or Gabby as I called her, bitterly answered.
"Really, I didn't know that," I retorted sarcastically. Gabby didn't respond, she simply carried on with our escape and ignored my questions that followed. Something had happened at home while I was at the club last night, and I don't know what, but when I came home she was waiting for me with a pair of one way train tickets. Unfortunately, Gabby had ordered me to depart the train at a different station, meaning we had to run the remaining distance to out destination. I had eventually fallen into a routine running technique, but Gabby was slowly testing my nerves, constantly pieaking over her shoulder every minute or so, as if someone were trailing us.
"Why do you keep looking back at me?" I inquired. Again, no reply.

Approximately an hour later, we arrived in front of a quaint house, the first one we'd seen in miles. "Here, this is the place," Gabby announced, double checking the address with a slip of paper which retrieved from her back pocket. 
"Here?" I proclaimed, a bright, cheery house was the last place on Earth I pictured myself living. 
"Yeah. And?" Gabby interrogated, obviously annoyed with my disgust. 
"It's so... Yellow. You know I don't like being happy, Gabby," I motioned to my clothing, all dark and depressing. 
"That's why I had the builders rip out the carpet in your room, repaint the walls, and remove the overhead light," Gabby informed, disappointed I figured she didn't know her own sister. "Because I know you don't like carpet, no you prefer hardwood. White walls simply wouldn't do it, so I painted them green. Lighting just isn't your thing, so I had it removed. Okay?" 
"Look, Gabby-" I tried to defend myself but she simply hailed a taxi and abandoned me to explore our new abode. 

Reluctantly, I opened the front door and searched the tiny house for the room that would be mine for the years to come. After a brief search I located it and sighed, annoyed with myself. Gabby had told the truth, my room was the only different one throughout the entire house. And she had done it all for me, I certainly owed her one.

Once I became acquainted with my new home, I headed down to the local gym in search of a boy toy. I was looking for anything far from serious, and as long as the man was in agreement, I'd be lucky by that evening. Ugh, but my how the Barnacle Bay men differ form those back in Bridgeport. Where I was originally from, you simply just made your intentions known and they eagerly went along for the ride. Here, it's all about your social standing, wealth, and appearance. One man had the guts to stare right at my chest, and then he walked away shaking his head, as if he thought I was a man in disguise! I can't help it if I had surgery preformed on my breasts a few years ago due to breast cancer running in my family.

Earlier that day, Gabby had wandered off and acquired a job in the Political Career, and she promtly started working on improving her Charisma skill. I, on the other hand, decided I was going to enjoy my life and not contribute to the household financially but better yet improve it's reputation. With the progress I was making, I was predicting we'd have men lining up at our doorstep in a mere few months!

Another favorite pass time of mine is breaking boys hearts, it's quite amusing to build their hopes up and then watch them crumble right before your eyes. Unluckily for this man, my sister's tight savings only permitted the necessary items to be purchased and installed in our home, so entertainment was nowhere to be found. Therefore, I needed to make some of my own.

Moments later of harmless flirting and smooching, I nagged the man to agree to becoming my boyfriend. Okay, well, nagging is an overstatement, if anything he said yes before I could spit out the entire questions. Then, a few seconds after that, I dumped him and he couldn't have been more confused. I left the gym feeling especially satisfied, and I doubted my sister could ever feel that way after working the tiresome hours as a politician.

That evening, when we had regrouped and were finally in the house together, I stopped Gabby while she was passing by and pulled her into the bathroom.
"Listen, I'm sorry for what I said this morning. I just was... caught up in the moment, I guess," I apologized, trying to find a reasonable explanation.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Gabby explained.
"Fine then," I agreed. "But can you at least tell me what this whole thing is all about? Why'd we have to leave Mom and Dad?"
"I want to tell you, Rhi, I do. But I can't. I just can't," she told me, leaving the room with a tear trickling down her cheek.

Days passed by unusually slow, and I found myself going through the town's limited supply of men at a rapid rate. I was strolling around town looking for something to do, when I caught sight of a cute dude who was bringing in a load of groceries from his car. I walked up next to him as he was struggling to shut the trunk, and slammed it down hard in order to help him out. "Hi, I'm Rhiannon Pucci," I stated, playing the new girl card.
"Rhiannon, that's a pretty name. Come on in and allow me to properly introduce myself," he instructed, leading me up the front steps. I followed him into his bare kitchen, and once he set the bags of food onto the counter, I stuck out my hand for him to shake. "I'm Richie Radan," he introduced himself while looking directly into my vivid green eyes. The touch of his hand sent an instant spark through my body, and butterflies made their way to my stomachs. Could Richie actually be different?

Weeks trudged by and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Gabby was attracting quite a few men. Often times, she'd bring them home with her from work or invite them to join us for dinner that evening.

But one night, when I walked in to Gabby's room, I got the shock of my life. "What the hell?" I exclaimed.