Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who Crax First? Chapter 1

Who Crax First?: Chapter 1 A Double Legacy

"Hi there," I whispered nervously, staring down at his feet.
"Hi..." his voice trailed off in curiousity before interrogating, "Do I know you?"
I felt my cheeks instantly redden at my stupidity and answered softly, "No, but I'm Jessica Crax."
"Nice to meet you Jess, my name is Dude. Dude La Mer as a matter o' fact," he replied with his coastal accent that turned my heart into butter. And he had given me a nickname!

We spent near an hour talking there in the gym, and I found myself having an easy time conversing with him. I managed to shock myself as Dude helped my emerge out of my undesturbed shell. I had learned that Dude had a dream to be a musician, and was already persuing his dream. Better yet, I learned that he was single. Every now and then I'd glance over at Nina who was watching the conversation as if it were a soap opera, giving me a thumbs up before heading back to her jogging. Unfortunately, Dude had to excuse himself for work on long after, but not before I had a chance to snag his number.

I was home alone that evening because Damion was supposedly taking Nina to a doctor's appointment. After taking care of my lasy business, I flushed the toilet which only resulted in it breaking. Since Damion was out with Nina, or so I thought, I had to unclog it myself. It's times like these when I wish I had a man around the house besides my flirtatious brother.

But when I came out of the bathroom I stumbled upon a sight I've been expecting for a while now: my brother having an affair. I stayed hidden in the alcove near the treadmill, making sure my pressence was unknown. My brother was doing some harmless flirting with Dina Caliente. Really Damion? Your wife's own sister? How low do you get?

Later that night, Nina had went to bed early, leaving Damion and I alone to watch Criminal Minds. On the seonc commercial break Damion finally decided to disrupt the scilence, "Jess, I... or we, I guess, need to tell you something."
"How much do you need?" I sighed, reaching fro my purse next to the couch.
"No, it's not like that," Damion cautioned. He took a deep breath before revealing the truth, "Nina's pregnant." My jaw dropped and I gasped. The baby was going to have quite a life considering my brother hated children with a burning passion.
"Congratulations," I finally burst out, enveloping him in a hug. When I released him, he glared at me, clearly bothered by the fact how someone could like a child.

The next day, I had transformed my walk in closet into a nursery for my family's new addition. Nina and Damion were shocked when I did this, praising me for the great deed that was taken off thier hands. Finally, I felt useful.

I decided I'd give Dude a call before his shift started, and just chit chat for a little while, I was so excited when he picked up on the second ring!
"Jess?" he questioned.
"Hiya," I responded with a giggle. "How's it going?"
"Couldn't be any better," he assured, "Buuny and I just got married and..." After that I just blocked him out, had he said he's gotten married? But he was just single yesterday!
"Congrats," I was able to slur out.

With Nina's pregnancy things have really started to change around the house. I would head into the kitchen to do the weekly cleaning only to discover Nina doing it for me. I guess she was just trying to prepare herself as much as she could for the adventures of motherhood.

Not long after her mircale task, Nina said she was headed out to visit Bunny Shore, Dude's pregnant wife. She told me should could use her charming powers for could sometimes, and that tonight I might just get lucky. Nina truly was the best sister-in-law.

When Nina got home that night, she told me that she could make sure certain things would happen.

And that she could make sure that certain people watch them.

And that she can also ask for a few favors.

I was unable to ask Nina what she had been up to the previous night, because that morning Nina woke up to labor pains. Damion couldn't be any less excited, but managed to force a smile when his wife's glowing face flashed a smile in his direction. He quickly started the car, and guided his wife to her seat.

I was yet again home alone as the pair sped off as Nina's contractions grew exceedingly close. I had just settled at my easle when the doorbell chimed, puzzling me with who would be visiting. I figured it would be one of Nina's or Damion's countless friends, but it wasn't. It was my only one, Dude. I opened the door and eagerly invited him inside, before noticing he wasn't himself. That's when I forced him to spill what had him so upset. "Bunny," he stuttered, holding back dears, "She filed for a divorce, and she's pregnant with my baby! I don't know what to do Jess, I just don't!" Nina's task was extremely devious, but she has done it out of love for me, which flattered me deeply.

Across town, Nina had just delivered a healthy baby boy, Jake. This lightened my brother's mood ever so slightly, hoping his son would age up to be a heartbreaker like himself. But we all knew Nina would raise him better than that.

I didn't even hear the remainder of my family come home because I was so wrapped up in "comforting" Dude. He had been flirting with me the whole day, and I finally decided to make a move. Dude was so pleased when I did so, and I could tell he'd wanted this as long as I had.

After we kissed, the thoughts of losing him like I had already once before crawled back in my mind. So I did what I thought was right, and I asked if he'd officially be my boyfriend. He was a little hesitant due to his all too recent lady troubles, but he accepted the label warmly.

I guess I got a little too caught up in the moment, because a few romantic gestures later had me on my knees popping the question. Dude couldn't have been more ecstatic, and readily agreed to take my hand in marriage, completely forgetting about his former wife.

Dude protested to my want for a slightly more formal wedding, saying he just wanted it to be done with so he could officially call me his. Blushing, I started saying my vows and he followed flawlessly, becoming the second Mr. and Mrs. Crax in the household.

Things quickly got more heated than expected, and we moved into our bedroom where we progressed into more than just exchanging passionate kisses.

After our fun filled activities, Dude surprised me by cutting his hair and styling it differently than usual. On the inside I was flipping out, because I never was a fan of his past looks, but now... now, I would definitely have to watch out for Nina.

As time passed by unnoticed, I began to feel nauseous all of the time and often found myself in the bathroom. Dude and I pleaded this meant that a family of our own wasn't far behind. He said he felt bad he would miss out on his son Jamey's life, but being with me made everything worth while. For some reason, I felt guilty for breaking up their once happy family, but I continued to remind myself that this was solely Nina's actions.

When I noticed a birthday cake in the fridge, I gasped as I realized it was little Jake's birthday. Later that day, the family gathered in the kitchen where Nina helped her little one blow out the candles. It was nice to see my brother's family slowly pieceing together, and I'm sure he'd kill me for saying this, but I think he's finally starting to get the hang of having a child around the house.

Jake grew up to be utterly adorable as a toddler. He inherited Nina's skin, hair, and eyes, but my brother's facial structure completely. They would have to make sure they kept this one chained down, or else the girls will be all over him. God, I wanted a child so badly to call my own.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay, so Sarah wanted some pictures of our growing family, well here they are:

Okay, let me explain the pictures. The top one is of me transforming Sarah into a vampire, and when she's done transforming we'll have our third child together. The toddler, Cayden, is Sarah's son with Matthew Hamming, and I think he looks a great deal like his father. The blond is the oldest of our twin girls, Michaela. She has my brown eyes, but it's unkown where her hair color comes from. Her younger twin, Lauren, is the brunette, who also has my eyes and shares our hair color. She also inherited my weight, which explains the small hair issue. Also, Lola Belle is currently pregnant with my child, and is due any time now. Our family is prospering in Bridgeport!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Upon A Shooting Star Chapter 2

Upon A Shooting Star: Chapter 2 A Wishacy

A dirty sink? A dirty sink? Obviously I wouldn't allow this, but since I'm not allowed to control Dan, he feels that he can just leave his lovely home uncleaned and unattended. Boy, do I have a bone to pick with him!

Unfortunately, Dan never rolls any wishes regarding the cleanliness of his home, or relationship for that matter. It's always about work and stupid things. I guess I should be thankful he rolls work related wants, or else it would be up to him to skill on his on. Now that would be a nightmare.

No, instead he rolls wishes for silly things like tatoos. Hello, you already have four! Do you really need a fifth?
"But it tickles."
Maybe if you rolled the wish to marry Molly, she's move in and she could tickle you.
"Nah, I'm good with this."

Finally, Daniel wakes up and his Social hits rock bottom. I'm probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure we're allowed to boost a Sim's need if it's in the red, so I called up Molly and invited her over so they could chat and hopefully lead to some romance, and then some marriage. But no, she's "busy". So I check map view and she's at home, I'm pretty sure that's not busy. So I send Dan over, in hopes of things can still go well there.

When Dan gets there, we discover that Molly has transformed into a vampire! Well, this is new. Her inviting Dan inside, boosts his Social ever so slightly, but not enough to bring it out of the red. So I have him give her an amorous hug which results in him complimenting her appearance and then a few friendly socials back. Then she decides to head of to bed, and kick her future husband out. Bah.

And after a week, nothing has progressed in Dan's life, so I leave you here with this miraculous picture of Dan cleaning the toilet. Well it's about time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Disagree Chapter 1

I Disagree: Chapter 1 A Life As We See It

Time as husband and wife progressed smoothly, and much to mu delight, the two of us fell into a harmonious routine everyday before we'd head off to work. He'd cook, I'd clean. He'd shower, I'd pee. Things were going perfectly.

Mint recently decided to go for a job as a Stylist, dressing up in his best suit and leaving his superior with a positive impression landed him the job by the next day. I was thrilled to have not one, but two steady sources of income rolling in.

Paying the bills almost seemed uncalled for, since the money we made combined made the fee almost too cheap! Gladly we payed the amount, silently saving for an event that we wished to come in the future.

One day I accomplished a great portion of my papers at work, and I decided to take the advantage to leave early for a night out with my husband. We headed to a local bar, grabbed a glass of wine and hit the dance floor.

I even brought myself to speak to a few celebrities! Once you found a way to impress them you had them wrapped aroung their finger. Luckily, this woman worked in the same building as me, making my task a piece of cake. A few glasses of wine and some fooling around later, I suddenly realized I haven't had my period for the past few months. I gasped at the discovery, at my newly acquired friend pulled out a pregnancy test from her purse and pointed my to the bathroom.

I approached her with a grin on my face as I rubbed my barely noticeable stomach, and Johanna congratulated my multiple times. Luckily, I had has my night gown on underneath my dress, so I tossed my slim one into my bag and wore something more maternity like. Then the reality hit me. I had been drinking. Noth enough to get me drunk, but way too much for a pregnant woman. I hadn't been taking any prenatal medications or anything. Johanna noticed my sudden mood swing and comforted me as I shared my suspicions of a deformed child.

When I broke the news to Mint on the way home, he couldn't have been more ecstatic! We headed out right then and there where we purchased a crib and a few toys for our awaiting child. Mint and I shared the same suspicions, but her reassured me, "Don't worry Lilac. Deformed or not, we'll still love it just as much." His words helped ever so slightly, but not enough to calm my growing nerves.

At times, I felt like my pregnancy couldn't be going worse. Usually, most pregnant women were eating tons or at least having cravings at this point. But not me, why, at times I forgot I was even pregnant! Some morning I felt the roals were reversed, Mint scoffing down some toast as I read the morning paper. I just prated that my child would beat our expected odds.

Halfway through my pregnancy I took up public speaking. I'm not sure this skill would assist me later in life, but it helped pass the time and give my mind a chance to forget about the unkown issues of our unborn child to formulate words and opinions.

Mint too, took up a hobby. Painting. He wasn't the best, but he was certainly getting there. He'd make me smile whenever he showed me his newest breakthrough, jumping from excitement like a six year old.

I've also been working on befriending my boss, Lala Angelista. She looks tough and abusive on the outside but she's ended up providing as a great friend.

One evening a few weeks before my pre-determined due date, I noticed come spotting after going to the bathroom. I let out a groan and clutched my stomach, knowing that something wasn't right. Luckily, at that exact moment Lala was calling for an evening chat but instead called an ambulance for me and wished me the best.

Out came little Flower Willow. My beautiful baby girl. The doctor's said she has not physical deformation, but that she had a small learning defect, but nothing major. The weight was immediately lifted off of ours shoulders, letting us fully enjoy the life we've created.

Deep down I knew I wanted that little boy, but I also knew that I longed to get back to work. So Mint and I wasted no time getting down to work, eagerly awaiting our next edition.

All to soon, little Flower's birthday rolled around. It was time for her to finally become a toddler, where Mint and I were ready to face any challenges with learning basic life skills such as walking and talking were to come into play. Mint proudly took his daughter to the cake, and they blew out the candles swifly in harmony.

Flower grew up to equally resemble both her Mom and Dad. She had my skintone, and her father's hair and eyes. She was beautiful, both inside an out. At that moment, I knew that whatever roadblocks we encountered were going to be well worth it.