Sunday, November 28, 2010

James Krane

So Sarah and I have recently decided to begin a collab. For what, I don't know. But she made the co-founder and I made the real founder. Here he is, James Krane:

What do you think of him? I don't really know if he's hot or not, cause I'm a guy. But I hope he's decent looking!

My Alphabetical Uglacy Egypt Special

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 2

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 2- Romance (Hanna Samson)

"Higher Hanna! Higher!" Tori beckoned as I pushed her on the swing.
"I'm working on it Tori," I implied. Finally, a break from life. Everything here at the park was so serene and peaceful. It was the only place where Tori and I really connected.
"Hanna? Can I tell you something?"
"Of course Tori."
"You promise you won't say anything?"
"Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise."
"I have a crush on Kyle."
"Do you know? An older boy too?" I teasesd, as I watched her cheeks redden.

"Speaking of the devil..." I commented under my breath as Kyle arrived at the park. I pushed Tori routinely as I watched Kyle wander aimlessly into a light post. I giggled like a little school girl at his foolishness. Immediately he kicked the metal pole with all his might and then went and sat on a wooden bench. "Tori, I'll be right back."
"Whatever," she replied, rolling her eyes.

"Hey Hanna," Kyle greeted as I strutted over.
"You remember my name," I gasped. Crap, why did I say that? "What I meant was... um..."
"It's cool," he answered with an attempted smile.
"Everything okay?" I questioned, noticing he seemed upset.
"My dad isn't my dad. He stole me from a lady at the hospital and called me his own."
"Oh my God, Kyle... I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say! I can't imagine how you feel."
"Yeah, I was looking for my real parents when my 'dad' came home and confiscated my laptop."
"Parents will be parents."
"If only I had parents."
"If it makes you feel any better, I was supposed to have a twin. But they died during childbirth."
"Sorry to hear that."
"You and me both."

(Victoria Samson)

"You. Make. Me. Feel like I'm a living a. Tee. Nage. Dream. The way you turn me on. I. Can't. Sleep. Let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back." I sang to myself as I continued pumping my legs to swing higher and higher. "Hanna hurry up!" As I swung down my foot got caught on a piece of paper. "Stupid trash," I moaned as I got off of the swing to go and throw it away. As a natural instinct I looked down and read the paper:

Some sister you got there
Better start calling him your brother-in-law 
Wait, what? I was so confused. I looked up at my sister. Oh. My. God. She was in a full blown lip lock with Kyle. How could she? I just told her I liked him! I crumbled the paper into a ball and through it in the trash can. Thanks El, now I know who's next.

(Allison Samson)

Everything went perfect. Jacob looked at me like he'd never had a woman throw herself at him before. The couch was just the beginning. We made out so many times there I lost count. But then he scooped me up and carried me into his bedroom. To sum it up, let's just say we put the "woo" in woohoo. Being addicted is so wrong, but at the same time feels so right.

I woke up at about 11 and I knew my family would be waiting for me, so I left his house still in my lingerie. I fumbled around in my purse looking for my car keys but instead found a note. "Not another one of those guilt trips from the kids," I pleaded. Far from it. How unfortunate.

This is a pitty excuse for work, no pay?
Tell the family, or else I will.
I swear, once I get a hold of this El, they will never see daylight again. Ever. If they think I'm telling my secret, they are dead wrong.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Introduction

Don't Judge A Book By It Cover: Introduction A Differences In The Family Tree

Take a guess at what I do for a living. Stylist? Interior Designer? Nope, I'm a farmer. "Don't judge a book by its cover," Momma always said. And I'm no exception. I've decided to follow my family's roots and become a farmer, just like Ma and Pa. I'm Molly Listo, farmer.

My parents said the economy as a farmer in Riverview was too harsh, so they sent me here to Bridgeport to begin my life. They gave me the most adorable, little quaint house you've ever seen! Complete with an area for me to garden.

When you first walk in the door you come across the breakfast nook.

To the left of the nook is my tiny little kitchen.

To the right of the nook is unfurnished, Ma and Pa probaby couldn't afford to.

Down a short hallway, on your left is my gorgeous bathroom.

If you take a right down the hallway you enter my pink master bedroom. After all, I need to stay in touch with my feminine side.

The first thing I did in town was head to the grocery store and purchase some fruits and veggies for me to begin planting. This is how I'm going to make my money after all.

I'm really falling for Lenny Shutter here, and I think he feels the same way. The only issue is that he has a girlfriend already. Tiarra Angelista.

Now I know what you're thinking, but I'm not pregnant! My ma taught me better than that. Must of just have been something I ate. 

Well that's the introduction! Feel free to comment letting me know what you think!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving  everyone! And a little "happy" something else to me too! I'm 13! Woo! Hope you all have a delicious and safe holiday! One of my cousins who came from Ohio yesterday made a family on Sims and a vampire showed up at her apartment. I kept telling her to wait until they were friends and then use the "Ask to Turn" interaction. So eventually she did. It was hilarious! She's like, "Drew I thought he was asking her to turn sideways so he could see her bite mark! Not turn me into a vampire! You screwed up my perfect little family!" Oh well.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 1

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 1- Exposed (Allison Samson)

Apparently all of the other families that were new to town had the same idea of going out to eat. I shrugged off my concern for the threatening note from El, and decided to focus on a fun evening with my family, even if I did have to clean out my purse to pay for it.

In a not so organized fashion, we all attempted to stampede through the door. Once everyone had pushed their way through, another man and I were left to go in. I looked at him, and noticed he was gorgeous. Tall, dark, and handsome. Not to mention muscular. When I looked up at him, I noticed he was staring at me. He looked away shyly, when he realized I caught him looking at me.
"I'm Allison," I introduced, reaching for the door handle. He looked startled when he heard me talk, he eyed me suspiciously before he began to speak. Maybe he had gotten a not from El, too. Maybe I wasn't alone... completely.
"Jacob. Jacob Miller," he replied cautiously. My heart fluttered at the sound of his voice. He was perfect.

(Hanna Samson)

I walked into the restaurant next to a smoking hot guy, who looked about the same age as me. I kept glancing at him, wondering if he was interested in me. If he was he certainly didn't look it, he looked spaced out. I decided to break the silence.
"Hi, I'm Hanna," I implied quietly. But hopefully loud enough for him to acknowledge me.
"Kyle," he responded blankly, then quickened his pace to his table. Was it something I said? I quickly cupped my hands around my mouth, to see how my breath smelt. It was fine, to me. What was up with him?

(Jacob Miller)

Wow. Was she something. Allison, what a pretty name. I felt like I was floating on air. I was so deep in thought about what we could be, that I jumped when the waiter placed my meal in front of me. Practicing my manners for our date (trust me, we'd have a date... eventually) I took my napkin and placed it graciously on my lap. I studied the patterned fabric, only to find it was ruined my someone's writing in Sharpie.
Play nice
We don't need another killing spree 


My reaction: bolt. How was someone finding out about this? No one can know that I murdered her, after all, no one did find the body. Screw El. I can prove to her that I can be gentle! I hurried home, thoughts, ideas, and memories buzzing around in my head.

The pain in my head finally became too much. I ran into my bathroom closet, swallowed down four Advil without water and hurried to my living room. I turned on the television, and lied down on the couch, hoping sleep would take my thoughts away...

(Allison Samson)

It was nice to eat out for a change, but God, some of the prices are ridiculous! Seven simoleons for peanut butter and jelly?!?!? What's happening to the world?
"So, Al, do you have to work tonight?" my dad inquired. I hated this part, lying to my family about work. They thought I was a Realtor, but according to me the market was always bad, that's why I never got paid. When I was "working" I'd go around town and fool around with guys for fun. That should not be the definition of work.
"Um, actually Dad, I have a seven o' clock meeting at a buyers house. Maybe I'll actually sell something this time," I lied smoothly.

"Come on, Mom. You're never home anymore. I bet you don't even know who I have for a teacher," Tori challenged quizzically.
"Mrs. O'Conner?" I guessed helplessly. She just had to make me feel like the worst mother. I can see it now: 
"And the Worst Mom of The Year award goes to... Allison Samson."
I sighed at the thought, waiting to hear her response.
"That was in kindergarten, Mom. I'm in 4th grade. And my teacher is a dude! Mr. Saint. Ring a bell?" she pleaded, irritation in her voice.
"Now that you mention it..." I was cut off.
"That's what I thought," she replied coldly.

I stared down at my soup, feeling my cheeks redden. Leave it to my own daughter to embarrass me. And in front of my own family! "Maybe I should just come clean," one half of me thought. "But you can't risk losing them. What if they don't understand?" the other half reasoned. I cleaned my bowl while listening to the family talk about their plans for tomorrow after school, while I was at "work".

"You going to be home tomorrow afternoon, Mom? Cause maybe you can join us at the park," Hanna asked hopefully. That was a first. My teenage daughter actually wanting to spend time with me.
"It all depends on how my meeting goes tonight. But I'm most likely going to be at the office tomorrow," I forced out unwillingly. I wanted to spend time with them. But I was addicted.
"Oh," she remarked, disappointment in her voice and eyes.

(Jon Greyton)

I looked at my "son's" face, questioning how I was going to tell him. Frickn' El, why did she make me have to do this? I raised him for 16 years, he was as close to a son as I was going to get. And I doubted he'd still loved me after I delivered the news. Here it goes...

"Kyle, I need to tell you something. It's important," I stated flatly.
"Fire away dad," he announced curiously.
"I'm... not your real father," I said bracing myself for his reaction.
"So, did my parents die when I was little? And are you really my uncle or something?" he asked.
"No, Kyle, I mean... I'm not your biological father," I corrected myself.
"So, I'm adopted?" he guessed.
"Well, not exactly," I began, "You see, a long time ago I had this girlfriend and I got her pregnant. We stayed together through the pregnancy though," I paused, waiting for a reaction. "But, the baby died during childbirth, but we were able to save my girlfriend."
"And what does-" I interrupted him.
"I heard that the lady a couple rooms down, delivered twins. A girl and a boy. So, I hurried to the next room took the baby boy unnoticeably and pretended he was my child. My girlfriend refused to tell, but was disgusted by my actions so she dumped me. And I haven't seen her since."

"So, you mean I could have a real family that I don't even know about?" Kyle screamed violently. "How could you?" He ran out of the restaurant, and my guess back home. How could I? was right. What kind of father am I? There, I hope you're happy, El. You dirty little-

(Jacob Miller)

My nap was shortened, when the annoying chime of the doorbell sounded throughout my house. Who could it be? I wasn't expecting anyone. Oh, God, don't let it be another not from that stupid El. She's caused enough drama already. I sighed and headed for the door.

Were my eyes betraying me? Was it really her? Allison Samson at my house, could it be? I was shocked, I slowly found myself reaching to open the door.
"Hi, I hope you don't mind me stopping by. I looked up your address in the phonebook and..." she was at loss for words. How cute.
"No, not at all. Please, come in," I beckoned all too willingly. Maybe she could take my mind off of things.

(Kyle Greyton)

I couldn't believe the horrid news. The man who I lived with for 16 years was not my father. Wow. I went on the internet and goggled "Missing Babies from Sacred Spleen Hospital". There were several results. Just as I was about to hit the first one, a box popped up on my screen that read, "1 New E-Mail. From Unknown. Read Now?"  I hastily clicked yes, so I could read it then get on with my search for my real family.

Who's your mommy?

El? I didn't know any El? And who else new I was looking for my real parents? My "dad" had just told me, word doesn't travel that fast. Great, I sighed deeply sitting back in my chair. Who else could know my secret?

Secrets of Sunset Valley Introduction

So I had to stop this story on The Sims 3 website for glitch reasons, but I figured, "Hey, why not continue it on Blogger? Except this time without pictures." So that's exactly what I've decided to do. Now please note that I am not planning on getting these chapters out regularly, just when I feel I need a break from my uglacy. The introduction and first chapter have already been written, so I'm just going to copy and paste them here for you guys to start reading. By the way, the point of view is the name in parentheses.

Secrets of Sunset Valley- Introduction (Jacob) 

"Look, Carla. The long distance thing isn't going to work now that I'm here in Sunset Valley," I stated flatly. What was the part of "We're breaking up" that she didn't understand?
"But, Jacob..." she protested, "Fine. I should have known better. Everyone said you were just a player anyways." She hung up furiously, leaving me to think about my new life to myself. I sighed heavily. How was I going to adjust? I sat down on the sofa and rested my head in my hands, thinking... deeply.

I was interrupted by the chime-like doorbell ringing. I got up and hurried to the door, hoping it was someone who would help me adjust, or just understand. You know, and listen about your past, for good or for bad. I reached my glass front door only to be greeted my an empty porch. "Stupid kids," I mumbled. I started back for the living room when I stepped on a piece of paper that had been slipped under my door.

Go to the diner and meet a girl
Be gentle this time
Or at least hide the body better. 

What? What was going on? How did someone know? I hadn't told anyone. And what were the talking about? I hid the body fine, and the cops never found me. Besides she deserved to be killed. But, what if... "Oh God no," I worried aloud, "It can't be. It just can't." They couldn't be after me now. After all that I did to get here in the first place. It was all to much to handle at once. Someone knowing my secret, and the possibility of going to jail. Who was this El person anyways? The thoughts stirred restlessly in my head, until I got so dizzy I headed to find a seat. But it was too late. I felt my body hit the cold hard floor, any attempt to stand was helpless. Fainting isn't fun.

The Samsons (Allison)

"Grandpa, is the food going to be ready soon?" my youngest daughter, Victoria, or Tori as we called her, whined.
"Chill," an annoyed Hanna replied.
"Hanna don't talk to your sister like that," I warned her. Teenagers, what an interesting phase. My stomach grumbled, longing for food. "Seriously though Dad? How long does a salad take to make?"
"Relax, Al. It's a-" my Dad was cut off by the sound of our doorbell.
"I got it," I announced, heading for our front door. Perfect timing, saved me from a story of Dad's.

I opened the towering front door, nothing. Nothing but the clean spring air of Sunset Valley, I could tell I was going to like it here. The town was so peaceful. Without hesitation I started to head back to the dinner table, when something white caught my eye. I looked down to see a white piece of paper that must have been slid under the door.

I took the paper, and hid it behind my book, which I pretended to read, in case someone came in. It read:
How's work going?
Stop lying to your family
Can you even afford to take them out to dinner? 

Crap. Someone knows. But who? Who is this El? Why is she/he looking to stir up trouble? My life choices are mine, and no one else's business. Not even my family's. Someone had told, and I am prepared to find out who.
"Let's go," I declared, grabbing my purse and the car keys.
"Where are we going?" moaned Tori.
"The diner. I feel like I never take you guys out," I supported.
"It's cause you don't," Hanna said sharply.
"Be quiet, Hanna," Dad hushed.

The Greytons (Jon)
"Touchdown!" I screamed giving my son, Kyle, a high-five.
"The Llamas are up by 1 now!" Kyle exclaimed eagerly. There was one thing we could actually bond over, sports. Ever since we moved a couple of days ago, Kyle had been a little moody. But that was expected, after all he was a teenager, they weren't supposed to have to move. Not a moment too soon, the doorbell sounded immediately before Kyle screamed, "Touchdown!"
"I got it," I said, unwillingly getting up to answer the front door.

Our glass front door revealed no one behind as I approached it. "Ding dong ditch, eh?" I stated aloud to myself.
"Dad. come look at this replay! That was so sick!" Kyle shouted. I headed towards the television, but not without first noticing a piece of paper on the floor that I almost slid on.
"Actually, Kyle, I think I gotta go finish some work," I said picking up the note unnoticeably.
"Your loss," he commented, disappointed. I headed to the kitchen table and hid the note behind my laptop as I read it.

Does your "son" know?
Take him to the diner and tell him
Or I will for you


No, I can't tell my son that! That was a secret between me and my ex, no one else knew. No one. How did someone find out? Who does this El think she is? I have to tell him? I do? He'll be mad, but he'd be even more angry if someone else told him. Better follow those instructions then.

So what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!


I'm so excited because tomorrow is Thansgiving/my birthday! To top things off, my favorite holiday will be spent with my cousins from Ohio who I only get to see twice a year. I'm flipping out for Thanksgiving, I can't wait for it to come! By the way, chapter 43 of My Alphabetical Uglacy is now out, so go over and read at The Sims 3 website and leave your vote for the generation 6/F heir! Also, here's a little preview of the Ashleys trip to Al Simhara, Egypt:

I have to admit that I've missed playing World Adventures and that this trip is quite fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Heir Photo Preview!

Okay, let me start of by saying I feel so bad that I didn't get the next chapter of My Alphabetical Uglacy up yesturday. I plan on getting it up tomorrow night, so head over to The Sims 3 website and keep an eye out for it! To make it up for you, here are the heir photos of Frank and Faith to begin thinking about who you want to vote for, please don't leave votes here!

Here's good 'ol Frank:

And here's his sis Faith:

I definitely think I know who's uglier, but we won't find out until the votes start rolling in after the next chapter.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Baby Challenge?!?!?

Yes, you read the title correctly. I have a baby challenge! It really has no name but I guess you could call it, "The Tanner Baby Legacy" or something like that. I've been playing it in-game for a while now, and I've decided that I'll share some of the experience with you through Blogger! Vaguely, I might add. This challenge does have a naming scheme, and it's after sports. Except for our founder who I lamely named Trish. Why didn't I name her after a sport??? No one knows. Okay, so let's get started:

So here's the baby maker, or founder, Trish Tanner:


Here's her first born son, Basketball, and his father is Xander Clavell:

And here's her second born, Gymnastics, whose father is Connor Frio:

I haven't been following the rules exactly so they have a rather nice house, although it is only one floor.

Trish is always busy on the phone talking to the next baby daddy, awaiting the day when she'll be knocked up again, I, I mean pregnant.

These kids are so adorable, and they're completely oblivious to what their mom does. For now.

Here's Trish flirting it up with baby daddy number 4, Jake Roland, a Social Worker. Who's baby daddy number 3 you ask? Well...

Trish has recently noticed that she's expecting baby number 3, Thorton Wolf's.

I hope you enjoyed this little update/introduction to my baby challenge, and feel free to let me know what you think. By the way, a new chapter of My Alphabetical Uglacy should be up today! It's the heir vote!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Things!

To kick things off, here are 10 things I feel you should know about me:

1.) I love the color orange.
2.) My birthday is November 25. It's next week people, Thanksgiving!!!
3.) I have a younger brother. Sadly.
4.) I ♥ Sims.
5.) I have my black belt in karate.
6.) I like Pop music.
7.) I enjoy writing.
8.) I want to be either an actor, author, or teacher when I'm older.
9.) I live in the United States.
10.) I'm new to Blogger!

Well, that's it for now. I'm thinking about writing a short story later on today if I need a break from studying, so make sure to look out for it! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak from the next chapter of "My Alphabetical Uglacy":


Interpret how you will! Bet you can't guess right! =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to Dreamers and Simmers!

Hello there, I"m Drew, and welcome to Dreamers and Simmers. Here's a little bit of what you should expect from my blogs: sims, short random stories, and blogs. I will try to post pictures of things that go on in my game other than my uglacy "My Alphabetical Uglacy" which can be read at The Sims 3 website. Sometimes, I might have a random story idea and write it down so I can get some feedback and constructive criticism. Finally, if I'm annoyed and feel I need to share my annoyances with someone, you might expect a regular blog from me every now and then. Now that boring introduction is over! Let the blogging begin!