Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Beyond the Scars and Bruises

Looking Beyond the Scars and Bruises Assignment 1 for Pens, Pencils, and Pixie Dust

“Please! Just stop!” I begged before the impact had even occurred. Routinely, the tears began streaming down my burning face as I suffered the massive blow to my ribs and let out a distressed yelp. Father laughed sinisterly at my pain and kicked my ribcage precisely the same way as before, powerful and careless.
“Harder, Trent, harder! Them tears ain’t pourin’ out fast enough! Make ’er suffer! She broke my good china last week!” Mother coached from nearby, cheering Father on as he proceeded with his abusive ways. Father had me cornered in the kitchen between two cabinets, escape being placed even farther away. Following several strikes to my thigh, Mother threw her hands up in defeat and rushed over to Father’s side. For a moment, I contemplated her saving me for once in my life, but no, I was wrong. As always. Her meaty hand grasped my sore head, thrusting it into the cabinet, splintering the wood and knocking me unconscious simultaneously.

God knows how much longer later, I regained my composure and tended my new wounds that had been inflicted while I was unresponsive. Perking my ears, I noticed the house was silent, too silent. Unaware of what my parents had planned, I bolted for my bedroom, praying that this was not their retreat. Thankfully, when I passed their bedroom door, my parents emerged behind me, Mother in her lingerie. Had they really just had congratulatory…? Really? Despite her attempts to capture me before I had reached safety, I succeeded in locking my bedroom door behind me. 

Desperately, I whipped out my cell phone and started a fresh text message to David. “Help,” I typed speedily, “parents r abusing me dont kno how much longer i can last.” With absolutely no sense of regret I hit send and crouched into the corner of my bedroom, snuggling with the teddy bear Grandpa had given me before his untimely passing. The pounding and shouts outside my door grew increasingly forceful as I cowered into the deteriorating wallpaper. 

Across town in the healthy section of Riverview, David was startled at the alarming message he received while working on his science research paper. Failing to complete the assignment by it’s due date resulted in his phone being taken away, but he had managed to instruct the device to forward all of his texts to his laptop. “Dont worry,” David immediately replied, “we will talk to some1 2morrow i wont let anything happen 2 u J .” Cradling his throbbing head in his hands, David pondered how Krissy’s parents, the ones he had become so accustomed to, could turn out to be abusive monsters. Eventually, David came to a decision, he would alert his own parents about the sudden drama, and listen to their instructions on how to resolve the situation. 

“Kristine Grindle! Get your lazy ass out here this instant!” Father arrogantly commanded.
“Trent, that ’lil no good, useless, obnoxious, son of a-”
“Out with it Jamie!” Father pried, annoyance clear in his raspy voice.
“She’s textin’ somebody! She’s rattin’ us out!” Mother exclaimed, astonished. Aggravated at my failure to silence my phone from notifying me about my new messages, I shifted positions so my back was against the cold, wooden door. Breaking down the door, was clearly the next step in my parents’ conniving scheme. David’s message did anything but ease my tension, I pessimistically responded, “Im not gonna make it tht long… u gotta help me now!” Answering with this, I might as well have had “LIAR” plastered on my forehead, I practically knew I would survive, just like I’d done the previous years before.

Just as David had hauled his orange backpack over his shoulder, his laptop signaled a new text. Without hesitation, he strutted over to the computer and flipped the screen open , analyzing Kristine’s plead. What was he supposed to do? “Stay strong,” he typed, “we r in this 2gether we will talk 2 some1 2morrow promise.” Anything but satisfied, David tapped the power button and trotted out of his bedroom, curiously awaiting his parents’ reactions. 

“Just break it down!” Mother irritably shouted. Heart pounding, I managed a small smile at the reassurance in David’s reply. “Ty i appreciate it a-” Unfortunately, I was cut short by Father’s remarkable strength demolishing my bedroom door, catapulting me into my wooden bed frame.
“You just love asking for it, don’t you Krissy?” Father menacingly taunted, forcing my head into the unpolished wood, instantaneously plunging me back into my former state.

Monday, March 28, 2011

True Friendship...?

Last night I was texting my friend, or, well, she texted me, and something really big came up. Like major. I don't know how to explain it so here's the conversation between the two of us...

Her: I need. A hug.
Me: Aww i wish i could give u one :( WHY WHATS UP? effin caps...
Her: Because this is the second time this week i've cried because of the same thing.
Me: What happened? :(
Her: I'll tell you at school.
Me: Plz just tell me now
Her: It takesto long to type. But if you want two words: i'm trapped
Me: Wtf. Can u plz just tell me.
Her: It takes too lonnngggggg
Me: Fine then.
Her: But now i have time. So i suppose ill start explaining. Ill finish up at schoolx.x
Me: Lol kk
Her: So. My parents dont listen to me. Ots always, oh ___ ur in a bad mood? i'll just keep on mkaing u do my work. just to watch u get maddr and madder.oh you want to tell me something? u better not talk back, or else i'll slap you so hard that red mark wont be leaving.h im bigger, smarter, STRONGER, so stfu and do what i say. did i mention i'll slap you if you dont? if ur lucky i'll just grit my teeth and put my hand in a fist and bring it reaaaaal close to ur arm. real fast too. so ya flinch.
Me: Plz tell me this is like a joke...
Her: No it isnt. But i'm gunna sit them down one night and tell them why my face is so red andwhy i cant stop cring. but thanks for caring.
Me: ___ u need to like talk to some1...
Her: I know i do. But i think i can manage.if i cant i'll just disapear for a week or two and i'll come back all good(:
Me: We r talking to some1 2morrow about this.
Her: No
Me: Uh yeah
Her: Compared to the stuf other parents do this is absolutely nothing. drew dont tell anyone. i cant trust ________ i dont know about _____ or _____ and im not sure about ________
Me: ___ come on. Its gonna be ok.
Her: I never said it wouldnt? i can manage, i justneeded to rant to someone who'd care and i'm done soooo now i'll get by just fine(:
Me: We r still talking to some1 2morrow...
Her: Nooooooooo 

From there, she basically kept saying that she can handle it on her own and that I can't tell anyone. That I can't do anything and tell anyone at school. Before she told me that I couldn't tell anyone, I told one of our closest friends. From there I made her promise not to tell that she knows, and she promised to help me find help for my friend that's being abused. We agreed to talk to my English teacher (who used to be a rape counselor for teenage girls). So I wrote up a quick note and had my "accomplice" bring it up to her. My teacher's face was shocked, and my distressed friend still had no idea any of this was going on. And she still doesn't. I suspect my teacher will do something to help her soon. But in the texts after that she kept saying that she could handle it, and that if I was a true friend I wouldn't tell anyone who could help her, like my English teacher. I just hope I did the right thing, and that after she finds out what I did that we can remain the bestest of friends.

Oh, and any of these ___ are my friends' names who I don't want to reveal. And most of the spelling and grammar mistakes that you see are on purpose, exactly what was in the text messages.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Crax First? Chapter 2

Who Crax First?: Chapter 2 A Double Legacy

Dude was such a sweetheart during the first few days he moved in, making the bed the moment he was awake, preparing breakfast for the entire household, and scrubbing the counters like they've never been scrubbed before! I figured it would eventually die down, but it didn't. Apparently, Bunny had worked him like a dog, demanding these things be accomplishing everyday. Therefore, I explained to him that this was a woman's job and that I would take care of the household chores while he focuses on his work. Dude was dumbfounded that I could be so I understanding. How I love that man.

Much to be delight, Damion had taken an immediate interest in little Jake once he had hit his toddler years. It was difficult for one of us to even give Jake a bottle since he was always under the care of his father! Although remarkable, I couldn't help but find the sudden love for his child a little suspicious...

Meanwhile, my painting career was going well. If I was lucky, I'd be able to complete one large painting a day which resulted in a hefty financial boost for the household.

One morning when I had concluded my morning workout, I stepped off the treadmill and clutched my stomach from the instant fatigue. Shockingly, this simple placement of my hand changed my life. Forever. It took me a few moments to register what was occuring, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was pregnant. My little baby was kicking inside me! I was going to be a mother!

Once the realization of the situation hit me, I comprehending that the familiar feeling of fatigue had been replaced by hunger for a few weeks now, but had gone unnoticed by me. I promptly began to eat more and take my prenatal vitamins, wanting my child to be as healthy as possible when I delivered it.

Unfortunately, that evening I had to break the news to the remainder of the house, and by that I mean my brother. I made his favorite meal, Mac n' Cheese, with the hopes of that softening him up a bit.
"Damion..." my voice trailed off nervously and I began to play with the pasta on my spoon.
"Yeah?" he inquired, shoving an oversized helping off the dish into his mouth.
"I'm... pregnant," I exclaimed with a smile, although I still failed to meet his eyes.
"Excuse me," he pardoned, abbandoning his meal and nearly sprinting out the front door. Well that could've gone better.

Nina is such a doll. With my expanding waistline, I was unable to move around frequently on a daily basis, meaning most of the necessary tasks that needed to be finished weren't getting done. In between caring for Jake I'd spy her breaking away to do a few of my chores, like the laundry or preparing supper. The rumors that used to circulate around town no longer do, Nina is a truly changed person. I only wish I could say the same for my "darling" brother.

Dude was growing increasingly excited as the days progressed into months, and as my stomach went from flat to a perfect basketball. Although he already had a child with his past wife, this was the first he would experience everything with, the pregnancy, birth, and the raising. This child would be spoiled rotten, loved by two very eager parents.

Lately, Nina's been taking Jake out to the park for a little fresh air. The little guy loves to run around and discover things in the world around him. Nina has a purpose though, and after a half hour of exploring, she'll sit him down and teach him a few new words. Being outdoors helps the tot relax, therefore understand things better, making the teaching job much easier on Nina's part. 

All of the affects of pregnancy have been taking their toll on my body, and this includes the swollen ankles. As the months moved on, I found myself struggling to remain standing for a mere hour in order to paint even a fraction of my latest work. It came to the point where I eventually gave up. My creativity did not go to waste though, I picked up a new hobby, writing, something I could spend hours upon no end doing. From that moment on, the computer was beginning to take the easel's place in my heart.

Upon entering the living room to retrieve a dictionary, I stumbled across a sight I've been anticipating for quite some time now. Damion in a lip lock with another woman. Oh, but it wasn't just any woman, it was his sister-in-law, Dina Caliente. I watched with rage as his hand grew increasingly lower on her side and her hand reach for his crotch. You have got to be kidding me. Did they really not see me standing here, tapping my foot irregularly, giving the couple a menacing death stare?

Silently, Dina motioned for Damion to accompany her to his bedroom. Unprepared, I turned to my easel and began painting strokes aimlessly, praying Damion wouldn't say anything and just walk down the hallway.
"Don't tell Nina," he murmered through clenched teeth.
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't," I commanded rudely.
"Jake," and with that, he turned the corner, locking his bedroom door behind him.

Minutes passed, and my screams of labor were covered by the sounds of laughter from down the hall. Hurriedly, I summoned a taxi and called Dude's boss, informing her that he was about to become a father. Dude was dismissed and was waiting in awe at the hosiptal for my arrival.

My brother honestly disgusted me, he had absolutely no knowledge that his own sister was delivering her first child. No, instead he was busy spending some "quality time" with Dina in the bedroom, preferring her than his wife who is practically all too willing. I ponder how I actually turned out normal...

Dude and I emerged the proud parents of a healthy baby boy who we named Cameron. Cameron Krax. 

My welcoming home was anything but gleeful. Damion and Nina stood sucking face in the kitcken, her being completely oblivious to her husband's whereabouts that day. I stopped dead in my tracks, inwardly debating whether or not to come clean about the event that I witnessed earlier that day. Unwillingly, I decided to sleep on it, hoping that an answer would be disguised in a dream.

Luckily for me, the paparazzi was leaked the information about my brother's escapade before I had the chance to make a decision.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" I could hear Nina screaming out back from my bedroom. "Cheating on me! And with my sister! What? Was I not good enough for you?"
"Nina! Come one! You understand! You're a flirt too! And you're just getting... old. It's not as exciting as it used to be."
"I don't give a damn, Damion! I've changed! And I was hoping you would too! God, we have a son together. Does he mean anything to you? Or is he just a cover up? So you can be called the perfect family man?"

"What do you want me to do? It's not like I can take back what I did!"
"You know what I want you to do! I want you to sign these papers!"
"What the hell are these?"
"Divorce papers, buddy. We're through."
"Nina, come on. It's a misunderstanding. Please-"
"Oh I'm understanding everything perfectly, Damion! You just can't control yourself! I changed for who I thought was the man I would be spending the rest of my life with! And you just go and screw it all up!"
"Nina, please, just let me-"
"Goodbye Damion."

Nina claimed that she didn't want to leave Jake to be raised by a single parent. Therefore, Damion would be spending his nights on the couch, so the entire family could still live under one roof, just not function as a normal family. I didn't feel one ounce of sadness for my brother, he did what he did, and he got what he deserved.

Dude is an amazing father, catering to Cam's every whim. The two of them are adorable together, their expressions are priceless. I think Dude is still pleased with being able to take part in Cam's life and not have to leave, like he did with Bunny and Jamey.

With time, Cameron's birthday rolled around and the household was a ball of energy! Especially Dude and I, we couldn't have been more ecstatic for our little boy to age up! Nina agreed on bringing Cam to the cake to blow out his candles. Nina was literally shaking from excitement, thrilled Jake would finally have a little play mate!

Cameron grew up to be an absolutely priceless toddler. Personally, I think he's going to look just like Dude, but only time will tell. For now, I want to enjoy my little boy while he's still young!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modeling Competition o_o

Okay, so I entered a modeling competition. My first one, belonging to a good simming friend of mine, Karley. I'm not exactly sure on what to do, but here's what I have! Oh, and the rest of it is just a little fun I had with Taylor once the photo shoot was over. x]

Okay, well the top one is the one I passed in for the assignment, I definitely think it was the best one I took. The following three were possibilities, but I didn't really feel that they could compete. I thought I had my shot originally, but then I headed back to the scorecard and realized I needed a background. So I changed it, and it definitely came out better. Since Tay did such a good job for me today, I gave her a little fun in return. Some of you may recognize her romantic figure... Ahem. And then the paparazzi came along and began narrating their blossoming as a couple. Yeah, it was interesting. So let me guys know how you think I did! And here's a link to the competition in case any of you want to check it out:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writing Prompt

Every year, kids in Massachusetts have to take the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) in ELA and Math. The March is the time for ELA, and you'll never guess what we had today? ELA MCAS? Well, kinda. In certain grades (4th, 7th, and 10th) you have to take something called the MCAS Writing Prompt. They give you a prompt and you write a four page essay on it, first draft and then the final. And it pretty much takes all day, and you get one break which is for lunch. So that's what I did today, and it took me about five hours. We had to write about a time when we felt pride, so I wrote about when I got my black belt. It was quite full of emotion if I do say so myself. XD Now I have to write a science book report on vampires. This should be interesting...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Upon A Shooting Star Chapter 3

Upon A Shooting Star: Chapter 3 A Wishacy

Dan works steadily towards gaining promotions, since they're the only wishes he ever rolls. Hopefully, once he reaches the top he'll want to finally settle down and start a family, which shouldn't be long, considering he's at level 7.

I really can't wait to have Molly living here, she has the Neat trait, ah, he wonders that that will do. For now, Dan enjoys his breakfast daily with the previous day's eaten meals. Lovely.

"Now you have to understand, I'm doing this out of love."
Well this out to be good.
"We all knew it was coming sooner or later."
What? You adding another juice box?
"Creator is going insane."
"And I fear for my pixalated life. Therefore, it's time for a few of you to go. Forever."

Happy day! Oh, happy day!
Yes! Goodbye! Goodbye forever! Goodbye!

Meanwhile, Dan fails to role a senseless wish. Buy a hot tub? Of course. Get married? I don't think so. Ugh, this thing is extremely painful. Extremely.
"I could get use to this."
Oh shut it.

One night after work Molly decided to throw a party, and I practically screamed! I flipped out! Of course, I said Dan would go. The second he gets there he decides to read a book. For the entire time. -_-
Then the Tired moodlet pops up so I send him off to Molly's bed, and a few hours later, the couple is reunited. A few minutes into the reunion, Molly tells Dan that it's getting that and that he should head home. You're kidding me, right?

No worries, the senseless wishes continue! Like learning the fishing skill, perfect for a man who's involved in medicine! Just perfect! Do you just wish for random things? Ugh.

A little later into the week, Molly throws her second party, and of course we decide to go. After being sidetracked by some random chick, where does he gravitate? No other than the bookcase of course.
At this point I break down. Literally. I decide to use my one daily interaction, something I've tried to avoid doing, but their lack of romance was truly killing me. They do a few romantic exchanges and then Dan leaves her for the- you guessed it, bookcase. Halfway into the book, Molly kicks him out while thanking him for coming to the party. This relationship is a total dud.

Finally, the end of the week (again with no progress...) rolls around. On the bright side, Dan fulfills his LTW by reaching the top of the Medical Career! Goodbye work related wishes! Things can only get better from here! Or, you know, they could get worse...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Disagree Chapter 2

I Disagree: Chapter 2 A Life As We See It

Both of us have accustomed to our new schedules quite smoothly. Most mornings, Mint heads down to the salon to take care of the few appointments he has for the day. Between appointments he's able to schmooze his boss, Sugar, attempting to persuade her for a promotion to help support our growing family. Unfortunately, she thinks he's solely being extremely friendly, assuming all he's looking for is friendship. Boy is she wrong.

While Mint's working like a dog, I'm at home patiently teaching Flower her life skills. Certain learning disabiltiies disappear with age, and every day Flower seems to be picking up things slightly quicker than the previous one. I can only hope this means good things are in our familiy's future.

With time, Mint was able to attain that promotion he's so desperately wanted. Every evening he describes the clients that request his assitance in great detail, and from the sounds of things, half this town must not own a mirror. 

But my husband's on a mission to fix that, and instantly turns their appearance into something to stare at. 
"You don't think it make my butt look big?"
"Er, no?"
"Yay! Thank you so much!"
I'm not sure if that was a type of pick up line, but it doesn't matter, she failed misrebly without my conniving.

Ever since the drinking mishap while carrying Flower, I've tried to keep busy as much as possible. My suspicions haven't officially been confirmed that I'm pregnant for the second time, but I prefer to be safe than sorry. Mint's such a sweetheart, on his way home from work he'll bring me home something new to do, whether it be a book or some useless contraption that I have no idea how to operate. 

Occasionally, Mint feels as if he's not contibuting enough to Flower's upbringing due to him working a hefty number of hours per day. Some days when I reveal my eyes during a game of peek-a-boo, I uncover them to the hard wood floor where my daughter was sitting a brief few seconds ago. I'll glance upward and see my beautiful daughter in the arms of my handsome husband, being spoiled rotten by her loving father. 

Late at night a few weeks later, I was absolutely positive that I was bringing another angel into the world once I felt the child lightly kick. I broke the hearwarmign news to Mint at brekfast and he nearly stabbed himself while cutting his sausage he was so excited!

Talking is by far the most difficult skill to teach little Flower, but Mint sits with her a few hours a day, expanding her vocabulary, if we're lucky, by a single word for her to flaunt.

A guilty conscience is a horrible thing to have while on maternity leave, the constant reminder of how I'm just getting paid because I'm having a child and not really working is slightly too much for me. Therefore, I took up an enjoyable hobby that also helps bring in some cash, mixology. Whenever Mint gets home from work, I'll head out to any bar that seems a little low on staff and moonlight, usually earing an average of 100 simoleons an evening. As long as I stay to mixing the alcohol rather that drinking it, this task should be enough to keep me occupied and feel like I'm contributing financially.

Long and demanding hours have kept Mint from sleeping soundly at night, between worrying about a hopeless client and caring fot a child and hormonal wife, the poor guy can't catch a break. Practically all of the nights I come home now after concluding at the bar, I often find him napping on the couch with the T.V. while bottles and diapers are scattered across the floor.

Our opposing work hours leave little time for a passionate relationship, chatting at breakfast is sometimes the only time we communicate during the day. But I'm positive as the days go on and our children grow older, that fire will return and it will never be put out.

Cleaning the shower has never been so eventful! Why, the second I reached down to scoop up a sponge I went into labor! I cried out in pain and Mint was quickly awakened and hired a babysitter to watch Flower as her new sibling was being born.

Surprisingly, I was a little disappointed when we walked out of the hospital to the parents of another girl. Now more then ever I wanted two little boys to accomadate my two little girls. Really, what I wanted was simple, just some balance. But with the birth of Lavender, my life was far from it.

Mint put up no protest when I requested bring a few more bundles of joy into the world, in fact he couldn't have been more thrilled! We got right to it in a matter of minutes after placing "darling" Lavender in her crib next to Flower's.

Moonlighting became extremely painstaking due to my countless bathroom breaks becuse of my frequent nausea. I had my fingers crossed that it was a result our planned addition and not a form of food poisoning.

A month or two later, I learned that Mint and I's beautiful night together had been a success and that I was hopefully carrying an exact carbon copy of him, gender and all.

Lavender's birthday into toddlerhood rolled around more quickly than expected, and I realized I forgot to purchase her a gift! Oh well. Mint proudly brought his second daughter to the cake and eagerly watched her transformation.

Ugh, Lavender turned out to look exactly like me, only inheriting Mint's vibrant eyes. Eh, if we chopped her hair a little shorter I'm sure she could pass as a boy...