Saturday, January 28, 2012

GJWHF Assignment 3

Lauren looks so pretty with this hair! <333

For this assignment, we had to show our model and what she does at lunch! I ended up making it so that Lauren and her friend, Crystal, go to the music room and fool around with the isntruments. :D
I don't love my final product, but I don't hate it either! :]

C&C Finale and SNTM Assignment 8

Raibow cats! <3

For the finale of C&C, all we had to do was go all-out crazy and colorful. So I had the idea that Jade was a cat, and she spent the entire day with her rainbow colored companions. x]
My first attempt (above) did not turn out well though...

I kept the same idea, but just tried a different approach. I think the product is definitely more appealing! :)

He looks like he's up to something... XD

Anyways, this last picture is my final product - and I'm pretty proud of it! <3

Trinity continues to grow on me! ^_^
I hate her eye color though... It doesn't pop enough for a model, I feel. x]

For assignment 8 of SNTM we had to show her being Mother Nature, and I went with her mood and appearance being able to control the weather.
I totally hate the final product, but there wasn't enough time for me to redo it. :(
Thankfully, there were two drop outs this round, so I'm safe. :]

Saturday, January 21, 2012

GJWHF Assignment 2 and The Simple Life

Since I didn't get to do the bonus assignment last week, I figured I'd do that first! We had to show our model and her future boyfriend in a "photobooth". I ended up compiling my pictures in scrapbook form! The whole point of the bonus was cuteness, so I hope I achieved it!

Now for the actual assignment, we had to show the first time our model saw her crush or their first encounter. I went with their first encounter being a debate for school, and they were rehearsing at her house. Except instead of Zac (Lauren's boyfriend) disagreeing, he simply agreed with whatever she said.

Fel's also started up a new competition, The Simple Life. The competition is centered around actually playing the game, but then sharing what we played in scrapbook form! Basically, all we're doing right now is starting out with a couple. :]
So, I chose Lauren and Zac! Here's Lauren as an adult, and I think she's gorgeous, espsecially since I actually made her as a teenager. :]

And here's Zac, who also turned out rather good looking for being created as a teen. ^_^

Here's what their daughter would look like... I think she's very pretty! <3
She's basically a carbon copy of Lauren but with her father's eye shape.

And here's what their son would look like! I think he's a good mixture of both Zac and Lauren. He has Zac's eye color, but Lauren's eye shape. Then he has Zac's nose and Lauren's lips and hair color! :3

And here's the happy couple one more time! <3