Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ugly Is My Middle Name Chapter 2

Ugly Is My Middle Name: Chapter 2 An Uglacy

Finally, I'm back with a story update, I feel like I haven't had one of these in a while! After working on my main uglacy, I decided to check out my one that doesn't reek of failure. And yes that would be this one. ;) Angie here has taken up painting, unwillingly of course, since an easel is the only thing this family can actually afford...

Meanwhile, the 'lil ones, Taylor and Brock, sat at the xylophone and shape sorter thing for hours with no end. Poor things. Neglected and bored. Besides, it help builds ugliness... So, I hope.

Oh, and we can afford an oven for Angie too. So she doesn't die of starvation sue to her parents caring for the constantly crying toddlers. It's all good. x]
"Help. Me."
Ignore her.

Gasp! Is that skilling I see?
"Unfortunately. This is cutting into my maternity time."
I know. It'll be a shame when you actually have to work again.
"I know! I say I quit!"
I say you don't.
"Well I say I do! And that's that!"
I say you don't, I control you, and you're going to listen to me or bad things will happen.
"What kind of bad things?"
Bad, bad things.

"Can you say we're followed by an evil person who takes pictures of us, and threatens to do bad things to us if we don't listen?"
"Can it you worthless thing."
Okay then.

"Get a room!"
If only I could talk to my parents that way and not get grounded...

"Woot! Woot!"
"Is that one mine?"
"Oh shut it Dad. Doesn't your tongue have an appointment or something?"
"Don't answer that."
Finally! It's time for the only child I have faith in to be ugly to age up! Come on Taylor!

Score! This is so not a fail! Thank you Walter for your lovely nose!

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