Friday, February 18, 2011

♪♪♪ We Are Family ♪♪♪

My parents have decided to hit the casinos for the evening, and invited my grandparents frrom out of town to come and stay the night! I love 'um to death, they're awesome. My Grandpa is extremely hard of hearing because of ear injury when he fought in the war, so it's really hard to talk to him at times. When I came home from school and I ran upstairs to where the two of them were sitting working on a puzzle. It was so cute! <3 I gave my Nana a hug, and then my Grandpa one! The second I pulled out of it he handed me a slip of paper with his E-ZPass information on it, so I can check their balance, since they don't own a computer. God, how I love them!


  1. Aw.
    I saw my Granny yesterday and we ended up talking alot. It was wonderful.

  2. They ended up staying an extra night!!! God I love 'um to pieces! <3