Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Word Is Law Introduction

Your Word Is Law: Introduction A Simon Says... 

Hey there, I'm Grace. Grace Urna. I've recently moved here to Sunset Valley looking for a new start after the tragedy of loosing my mom to breast cancer. My dad was never in the picture, a total drug addict. My mom and I lived in Riverview my whole life, but after her death I found it too painful to stay there. So I ended up here in Sunset Valley with a clean slate looking for a fresh start.

This is my humble abode, shack and all. My favorite color is white, but I feel that it looks so attractive when paired with blue. Thus, the color scheme of my home was born. 

My whole life I've been compelled to doing good. So after I employed in Law Enforcement I decided to check out the park and maybe gain some Logic for my newly acquired job.

Let me tell you, I certainly did some checking out.

After a few minutes of conversing, my Family-Oriented trait got the best of me and I started to flaunt over children, and how badly I wanted a few little kiddos running around. He scoffed at me, expressing how much he Dislikes Children. Well this certainly wasn't going as I planned, but you know what they say: Opposites Attract.

By the end of the day, Henry and I were sharing some sugar. Although, it practically had me in pain due to my Unflirty trait. Unfortunately, the kid was a natural and kept going in for more, Flirty is practically an understatement. 

Eventually, I grabbed his hand and asked to make it offical. He agreed to the label of boy and girlfriend, which sent my eager heart racing.

And then I did the unthinkable, I got down on one knee and... proposed. I think he was just as surprised as me, but he accepted the ring and declared us united. I was going to have a husband!

We wasted no time and decided on a quick wedding right there at the park. We said our vows and sealed the deal with a pationate kiss, becoming Mr. and Mrs. Henry Urna. Yeah, he took my name. He didn't really like his, Isle, and I couldn't bare to part with mine, so I guess it worked out in our favor.  

With the spare money Henry brought in we were able to make a few renovations. And let me tell you, we put that new bedroom to work immediately. 


  1. Nice! I wanna know what that third trait is!

  2. Awesometatiousfulnessness!!!

  3. @Jess: I think I made all of their traits opposties. o.o
    And thanks to you both!

  4. No problemo, dear friend o mine.

  5. "Sharing some sugar" lol
    Almost like..."Here honey, give me some sugar." I'm quoting O_O It's not directed to ANYONE

  6. You sure about that Hannah? ;)

  7. Get. Away. From. Drew.

  8. Relax, Sarah, I don't want lover boy over there ;) You can have 'em

  9. I would be cradle-robbing!!! Lol XD