Monday, January 17, 2011

The Tanner Baby Legacy Chapter 2

The Tanner Baby Legacy: Chapter 2 A Baby Challenge

Jake's been around the house a lot lately building his relationship with Trish since he was the next baby daddy. When she had to take a brake from their romances (man, pregnant woman can pee!) Jake would immediately drift to the kids' rooms and spend time with them. And they're not even his! I guess being a Social Worker, means he does truly love kids. It's gonna suck breaking his heart. Ah well.

Here's a cute toddler spam picture of Basketball. I just recently discovered that his favorite color was Orange and I thought it was pretty funny! Because he's named after a basketball, and basketballs are orange. That was a lot funnier in my mind...

Thankfully, things have been getting quite intimite between Trish and Jake lately. The second this baby's out of her, we'll get the next one in! Well that sounded awkward.

Unfortunately, the timing was right to break things off with Thorton. So Trish called him up and told him they couldn't be together. Thankfully, he took ti well since he also has Commitment Issues. Trish decided to keep the fact that she was pregnant with his baby a secret because he Dislikes Children too.

Seriously, I swear Jake is going to guilt me into keeping him! He never leaves the kids unless Trish is there offering herself to him! Blah.

Jake! Stop being so perfect! Literally, he played with the kids and then cleaned the entire house. Why does this have to be a baby challenge?

"Dude, she's just gonna boot you once you get her pregnant."
"What Trish and I have is special. Besides, I'm waiting until marriage, so we'll have to be tied down for her to get what she wants." 
"That's what I thought too. Thankfully I'm already married. But you're still screwed, she'll manipulate you."
"Trish would never do that."
"Watch her."

When Trish went to sleep that night, Jake stalked her and read next to her practically all night. Okay, so the guy has his downfalls.

The next morning it was time for Basketball to become a child!

I think he came out with a good portion of both his mom's and dad's (Xander Clavell) facial features. So far, this thing isn't going to bad.


  1. D'aww, I love that his favorite color is orange! It's like his name was meant to be! <3

  2. I know, that's what I said! You should of heard me laughing to myself... o.o

  3. Hehe, I do that ALL the time! :D

  4. Same here. :)
    Sometimes my parents hear me and I swear they talk about mental institutions just to scare me. o.o

  5. It's like in my DITFT when Violet's favorite color was Violet...
    Geez, next thing you know, Swimming's favorite color is gonna be aqua...

  6. Oh my gosh! I would pee myself laughing if that happened!!! :D

  7. If it does, just post a comment saying 'I peed myself' and I'll know what you mean. ;)
    You think EA deliberatly does this?

  8. I have a theory that the names determine what your sim looks like....
    I had a sim named Monkey and out of a red hair and a orange hair she had brown.
    Coincidental? I don't know for sure O_O

  9. So are you saying for the U generation I should name them Ugly and Uglier and they'll be hideous?

  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good job, Drew. You get a gold star.

  11. But I wanted the orange one... ;)

  12. Likely not because it mostly goes for the hair
    *puts on nerd glasses* In all theory, the essence of the hair could be all in the name.

    We can't always have what we want, D-Dude XD

  13. Fine. Here's your orange star.

  14. *eyes Drew and Sarah* I'm watching you two -_o

  15. Oh, shut up!
    Geez, what do you think we'll do, make out?

  16. Maybe *wiggles eyebrows* I wouldn't put it past ya.


  17. Oh, shut up!
    Seriously, why does every single person on the forums want us to get together?!
    1. We haven't even met in person!
    2. We are best friends, period.
    3. He doesn't like me that way!
    So everyone who thinks Drew and I should get together, shut up, because we don't like each other like that!