Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Study and Snow

This week is the dreaded week of midterms at my school. Monday we had English, Tuesday we had Ancient Civ., and today we were supposed to have Math. Why supposed to? Because today my friends, is the first snow day of the year! Yay! This means that our Math midterm is postponed until Friday, and I have Science tomorrow. I'm so grateful because Science is my weakest subject (mainly because I hate it) and I have all day today to study. I wish I could go play in the snow...


  1. You hate Science?!
    I LOVE it, but that's mainly because of my teacher, Mr. Cooney. How can you not like someone who keeps a slide whistle and kazoo in his desk?

  2. I like my science teacher, but hate the subject. Honestly, I could care less about the structures of atoms and the periodic table.

  3. Some science is alright....some is just drop dead boring XD
    Awwww, I want snow!!!

  4. Science is so boring. I'm on a study break right now.

  5. I had a comment but my iPod went fail XD
    Oh well