Monday, January 24, 2011

Upon A Shooting Star Chapter 2

Upon A Shooting Star: Chapter 2 A Wishacy

A dirty sink? A dirty sink? Obviously I wouldn't allow this, but since I'm not allowed to control Dan, he feels that he can just leave his lovely home uncleaned and unattended. Boy, do I have a bone to pick with him!

Unfortunately, Dan never rolls any wishes regarding the cleanliness of his home, or relationship for that matter. It's always about work and stupid things. I guess I should be thankful he rolls work related wants, or else it would be up to him to skill on his on. Now that would be a nightmare.

No, instead he rolls wishes for silly things like tatoos. Hello, you already have four! Do you really need a fifth?
"But it tickles."
Maybe if you rolled the wish to marry Molly, she's move in and she could tickle you.
"Nah, I'm good with this."

Finally, Daniel wakes up and his Social hits rock bottom. I'm probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure we're allowed to boost a Sim's need if it's in the red, so I called up Molly and invited her over so they could chat and hopefully lead to some romance, and then some marriage. But no, she's "busy". So I check map view and she's at home, I'm pretty sure that's not busy. So I send Dan over, in hopes of things can still go well there.

When Dan gets there, we discover that Molly has transformed into a vampire! Well, this is new. Her inviting Dan inside, boosts his Social ever so slightly, but not enough to bring it out of the red. So I have him give her an amorous hug which results in him complimenting her appearance and then a few friendly socials back. Then she decides to head of to bed, and kick her future husband out. Bah.

And after a week, nothing has progressed in Dan's life, so I leave you here with this miraculous picture of Dan cleaning the toilet. Well it's about time.


  1. The one with his butt? lol
    I know, I realized it after I posted... o.o

  2. Yes....that one O_O
    If he didn't have his panties on, that would likely qualify as mooning....

  3. Good thing this is a teen game and there are no nudist sims.....
    Wait a minute O.O You can get naked things *looks creeped out* Scary....

  4. I can't believe pervs actually make thosee types of clothing... Gah. o.o

  5. It's disgusting -.-
    Like I REALLY want to see a sims butt...or boobs if they are female

  6. LOL OMG, the conformation code for the comment above was, "Boodi"
    Sounds like Booty, lol wow

  7. ^^ lmao
    I know right, it's gross. They are such sickos.

  8. I hate it when it comes on my game sometimes. >:I

  9. I always check once I download something because I don't want to have to see... that. o.o