Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ugly Is My Middle Name Chapter 1

Ugly Is  My Middle Name: Chapter 1 An Uglacy

Some of you may know me from my failed uglacy on The Sims 3 website, My Alphabetical Uglacy. A while back when I was discouraged by my unfortunately attractive Sims, I decided to start an in-game uglacy, and the Parkers were born! Here's the founder, Jessica Parker, who is currently pregnant with her third and final child.

Here's her husband, formerally Walkter Grisby, ideal uglacy material, which is exactly why i chose him. Duh! No way I'm screwing up again.

Here's their first born daughter, Angelina. She's definitely not ugly, her dad's nose and ears weren't that genetic it appears...

As you can tell there middle child, Taylor, has successfully inherited her father's hideous nose, making her the uglier of the two siblings.

After putting the kids to bed one night, it was finally time for Walter to transition into an elder. My spouses are always so dang old...

And if you didn't believe me when I said Walter was ugly, here's your proof. Definitely ugly.

"Oh my God!"
What? Finally see your husband's face?
"Ha ha. Oh stop. I'M IN LABOR!"
Sure you are.
Yeah, kinda.

"Told you."
No you didn't.
"Don't even go there. I just went through 9 stressful hours of labor!"
I care why?
"Because I will make sure my little Brock is destined to be adorable!"

Unfortunately, Jessica's curse came true and Brock came out adorable. Oddly with blond hair though, since I'm pretty sure both his parents have red... Hmmm...

Another birthday was also celebrated, and that was Angelina's who became a gorgeous child. My fate rests in Taylor's hands.


  1. Your uglacy is NOT failed!
    If you REALLY wanted to ugly it up, Patricia could help you...

  2. Aww, thanks Sarah!
    I still don't know who I'm gonna pick. A few more generations to go...

  3. To put ugly genes into your family, STOP MARRYING OK ONES!!!

    ..........Sorry, just trying to make a point here

  4. Do you honestly think I do that purposely? My town is cursed with hotness, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it...

  5. Move to Riverview or randomly input ugly sims in your game

  6. I've tried the ugly Sim thing, but the Ashleys belong in Sunset Valley.

  7. Looking at the last picture, I think it's that hair that makes the kid's foreheads look big....

  8. I still think it's not that bad...

  9. It's all the hair's fault....not the girls :(

  10. ... so this is how we post stories for the sims? well my sims don't really follow a story... they just do what they want XD soon i'm putting mine in a CAW world just so i can put up clubs and stuff when there previously was no space XD
    good luck on the stories...

  11. Yeah, most of my stories are just following their lives. :)
    Good luck with your Create A World thing! :D
    And thanks for the luck!