Friday, January 7, 2011

Crashing Waves Chapter 1

Crashing Waves: Chapter 1 

A while ago a friend of mine on The Sims 3 website, igzigpuff, gifted me the town Barnacle Bay. I was so excited to play I immediately created thet Trentons. There are the two parents who have three children, two girls and a boy. Above is the mom, her name is Hilary. 

The father, Garry Trenton, who looks rather weird in the picture since he's dressed for work.

Their teenage son, Jacob, who is currently in the proccess of attaining a girlfriend. She's unresponsive to his flirts at the moment...

This is their middle child, her name is Debbie. Now that I think about it, she's very attractive in this picture for a child.

And their youngest whose name is Fiona.

Although she doesn't seem like the type of gal, Hilary is employed in the Firefighter Proffession, saving lives on a daily basis.

Her husband, Garry, is in the Private Investigator Proffession and works mostly nights since he's needed at home during the day to supervise the children.

Upon waking up to a day full of sunshine in Barnacle  Bay, it was time for Hilary and Garry to celebrate two of their childrens' birthdays.

Debbie aged up first into a teenager. She's rather pretty but had an interesting jaw structure which I attempted to hide with blush and her new hair style.

Fiona followed immediately after, and also grew up to look rather pretty. The only downfall was her large forehead which can eventually be hidden by hair as she gets older.


  1. O_O Wow, that kid has a mucho humoungo forehead....seriously, daaaaaaang!!!! lol XD

  2. I know! That's what I said. I was laughing at first but then I felt bad... o.o

  3. This looks super cool! I wish I had Barnicle Bay...
    Fun Fact: I typed this entire comment with my right hand cause my left hand is currently holding a book that I'm gonna go read now. Bye!

  4. Barnicle Bay is awesome! ♥

  5. I want Barnacle Bay *cries*
    Yah...maybe you chould find some more flattering hair for her, D-Dude.
    (Yah, I called yah D-Dude >:D)

  6. I will when she's a teenager! :)

  7. That hair is not workin for her.....Maybe she needs some bangs....or a hat....or something
    I am like, a sims 3 hair expert!!!!
    (I wish!!!)
    (I LOVE sims hair)
    (Im weird)

  8. Now that I look at it, it's not that big...

  9. I think you've been studying too hard, your brain is fried.