Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Alphabetical Legacy Chapter 1

My Alphabetical Legacy: Chapter 1

After starting my uglacy I had the fear of becoming overwhelmed with ugly (like that actually happened), so I created an alphabetical legacy to cancel everything out! Here's the founder, who actually isn't that attractive now that I think about it, Andrea Alice!

Here's her husband, who's recently aged up into an elder, Jared Alice, or most of you may now him by his surname, Jared Frio.

Here's Andrea and Jared's first born son who recently transitioned into young adulthood, Benjamin Alice. He is also generation B's heir.

Once Benjamin was born Andrea had twin girls, here's Barbera, who I'm pretty sure is the oldest. And, quite frankly, the ugliest.

Here's her younger sister, Brianna, who looks just like her mother but is still rather ugly.

This is Teri Dixon, who will soon be Benjamin's spouse who will assist in making attractive babies for the next generation.

The pair were already Good Friend's so Ben had an easy time wrapping her around his finger.
"Or it was my irresistable charm."
No, it was the fact that you were already friends.
"Yeah, I know."

"Teri, will you be my girlfriend?"
"Wait, do you think I'm charming?"
"Well Sweeite-"
"I don't think this is gonna work out."
"Just kidding, Teri."
You better be.

"Miss Dixon, will you do me the honor of becoming the new Mrs. Alice?"
"Ben, you're still not charming."
"Dang it."
"But yes! Yes I will!"

With that, the two decided to get married right at the spot (in the family kitchen!) and officially become Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Alice.

I though Teri was gorgeous before, but after her makeover she was absolutely stunning. Hopefully her and Ben will not disappoint me with the next generation.

And making the next generation is just what they got down to doing.

On her way home from work (which explains her hat) Teri discovered that she was pregnant with generation C!


  1. Cool! But I hope you have not been ignoring the Ashleys? *cough cough* new chapter *cough cough*

  2. With me in it *cough cough*
    lol kidding

  3. I have all of the pictures ready for a new chapter and it will be up tomorrow. Sorry, things have been crazy with midterms and school. I only play my other families when I have the pictures for the next chapter and it's during a school night when I don't have enough time to write!

  4. Yay! :><::><::><::><::><::><: <- Random pattern

  5. I'm gonna start working on it ion a little bit actually! :)

  6. Yayser lasers! That's my new hobby, coming up with rhyming words.
    It's a bunny!

  7. That bunny is awesome!
    Gonna get started on teh next chapter right now!

  8. Read it! Twas awesome!
    If you like the bunny, look at this!

  9. Those are so frickn' cool! I can't believe how people can actually come up with those! :)

  10. I didn't look at it but I'm sure they pown!

  11. I don't look at a lot of stuff *looks shifty-eyed*