Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 2

Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover: Chapter 2 A Differences In The Family Tree

Our first night together was marvelous. We slept soundly in eachother's arms, occasionally waking eachother up with passionate kisses. Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Listo was how things were supposed to be, and the way things would stay. Forver and ever.

I awoke early the next morning, eager to head back to farming. It was as I was tending to my grapes when a sharp pain hit my stomach. I breathed deeply for a few minutes before I realized that that wasn't going to do the trick.

I bolted inside to where Lenny was eating his breakfast of pancakes. He shot me a quizical glance and asked, "Everything all right?" I shook my head vigorously and brought my hand up to cover my mouth before my breakfast gashed all over our hardwood floors. 

Thankfully, I reached the bathroom with little time to spare, letting it all lose as I knelt over our white toilet. Questions raced through my mind as to the illness's cause, and I finally settled on one. But I wouldn't confirm it with Lenny until I was positive.

Later that day our first set of bills arrived. I was extremely nervous, hoping that the funds from my produce and Lenny's paintingss would be enough to cover the expenses. To my surprise, our bills ended up being under 100 simoleons, leaving plenty of cash left over for future purchases.

As the months passed by, I picked up an intense interest in cooking. Although I sold most of my produce, I had savored enough to help prepare several scrumptious meals for me and Lenny. He would stare at me in awe as I gulped down two whole servings compared to my usual not even full one.

Soon though, my gleeful suspicions were confrimed, granting Lenny and I our first born. We were so thrilled we immediately built a nursery as an addition to our little cottage. Upon picking out items for our child's room, I was able to persuade Lenny into buying not one but two cribs. After all, we both knew we wouldn't be stopping at just one little guy.

As I reached my final trimester, I found it very difficult to continue farming due to my large, protruding stomach which disabled me from kneeling down. I was unable to leave my second love, so I devoloped a few intricite and convoluted techniques which allowed me to continue on with my one true calling.

The week before my due date I was on my way inside to prepare dinner after a long day of farming. Out of no where I let out a groan as an excrutiating pain cam to my stomach, I realzied my water had just broke and that I was going to become a Momma!

I managed to waddle my way indoors between my contractions, where Lenny threw his hands up and screamed, unprepared for this event to be occuring. Obivously he hadn't read the parenting and birthing books like I had instructed, but his prescence made it worth while.

Apparently, I had been quite far along in labor without realizing it, so it didn't take long for little Jenny to come out. I smiled at her gorgeous little face and then up at her father. We stared into eachother's eyes warmly, still marveling the fact that we had brought such a uniqur creature into the world.

Lenny immediately caught onto caring for out little one, and at times refused to leave her side even for his career of painting. I almost felt afraid to ask if I could hold my little girl, considering hoe attached the two already were!

After a few months we decided why waste time when we could have another bundle of joy in accompany to our prospering family, and got right down to business.

Thing were happening so fast, and before we knew it it was time for Jenny to become a toddler. Excitedly, I brought her to the cake I had prepared as Lenny stood back and cheered our little angel on.

In the midst of the celebration, I noticed that I wasn't feeling like myself as a familiar wave of nausea passed over me. I slipped away unnoticed into the bathroom where I repeated the cycle that I had done for my little Jenny.

I came out to an entirely different girl. She had inherited my hair, eye, and skin color but appeared to have taken most of her father's features, like his nose. Jenny was a perfect cross between the two of us and gave me all the more reason to want another little one to watch grow up.


  1. Aww, Jenny's adorable! <3

  2. If they have aboy, I shall be very pleased to see what he looks like. ;)

  3. lol
    They have to have a boy in order to follow the challenge rules. His name shall be Terry to keep in line with the whole ending in 'y' thing.

  4. My DITFT is kapooey...I suppose I have to make another one, eh?

  5. Aww, Jenny, Terry, Lenny, and what's-her-face. :P

  6. @Hannah: Maybe you should, I think it's tons of fun. :)
    @Sarah: Molly, I think I said it in the introduction, but I'm not sure. o.o

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