Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 5

Secrets of Sunset Valley Epsiode 5- Discoveries (Spencer Samson)

"I did it!" I scream, staring at the frying pan in my hands which made me the hero I was. "I saved us!" When the intrider broke in I was in the process of making grilled cheeses for dinner that evening. Without even thinking, I grabbed ther heated pan off of the stove and snuck my way into the main hall. There the intruder was, he looked about 16 or 17. But I didn't care, I hit him with all mu might anyways. It's when he screamed Hanna's name that I became a little worried.

"Dad, you're okay!" my daughter, Allison, exclaimed as she sprinted down the stairs with the children on her tail. I smiled heartily in her direction, and then down at the face of the boy, knowing I had potentially saved our lives. The girls came out from behind their mother and gasped in unison at the intruder laying on the floor, not moving.

Allison knelt down beside the boy and placed her hand on his neck, checking for a pulse. "He's dead," she announced, with a tint of disappointment in her voice. Hanna and Tori crowded around the body shedding tears for who could have been their killer. Allison and I exchanged confused glances, not knowing why'd they be mourning this troubled teen.

(Allison Samson)

Immediately, I stood up and dialed 911. The seasoned operator answered and stated, "Hello, 911. Your call is being recording. How may I help you?"
"Someone broke into my home earlier and now they're-" I was cut off by a voice that overpowered my own on the other end. A recording of some sort, which was composed of multiple human voices:
So you're a nurse now, huh?
Why don't you go back to being your pregnant self? 

(Kevin Miller)

I sat down in my brother's living room, pleases he had bought my unprepared lie. After placing my luggage in his bedroom, he joined me on the sofa with a puzzled expression overwhelming his face. "Everything okay?" I questioned, hoping he was still clueless.
"Yeah," he responded almost too quickly.

Jacob turned on the T.V. to Dirty Jobs where during the first commercial break he began the interrogation. Now this I had planned. "Why'd your landlord kick you out?" he inquired bluntly.
"Couldn't pay the rent anymore, Man. Got layed off last month," I replied swiftly.
"You had a job?" his mouth hung agape.
I laughed in response. "I know. Construction, nothing big. Payed enough to keep me on my feet, you know?"
Visually, I saw the tension leave my brother's face. He had clearly believed my made up story. Funny, after all of these years he still hasn't learned.

"You got a bathroom?" I asked, attempting to leave the awkward situation.
"No, I just go in a ditch out back. Yes I have a bathroom!" Jacob pointed to the door behind him and I stood up and thumped his head. Something I used to do when we were little and he's give me sarcasm. He smiled and the joke from our younger days and went back to watching the program.

I hurried into the bathroom and finished up quickly. As I turned around from flushing the toilet, I noticed a sticky note attached to the shower curtain. I pulled it off and examined it intently:
Give it up, he knows
Turn youself in
Or I will

(Jon Greyton)

The flashlight beam remained directly in front of me so I could see where I was going. I had been through the three neighborhoods surrounding ours, and no one had heard from or saw my Kyle. I felt bad for disturbing the families during their nights sleep, but I had to. My son's life was being risked right now, according to the murderous El.

As I approached another house that was almost granted to be no help I stopped in my tracks half way up the front path. I couldn't move, it was as if I was paralyzed. The glass front door revealed a horrifying image. The image of my son, Kyle Greyton, on the floor, most likely unconscious. Shocked, I couldn't move, I just couldn't bring myself to it. I just wondered aloud, "Kyle?"


  1. Another cliffhanger! *dies*

  2. *calls 911*
    *gets recording from El*
    Oh come on!

  3. *miraculously comes back to life, kills El, deletes every message and note, dies again*

  4. I did. Now, call 911!!!

  5. Why? You're clearly alive now... ;)

  6. *calls 911*
    *gets recording from El's twin sister, Bell*
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    I'll save you...
    *brings Sarah to hosiptal where she is revived*

  7. The twin sister thing had me ROTHLMAO.
    Wow, it's just like in my vision!
    You know, I might make a story about that...Idea!

  8. Who is El?
    I ahem...really only read chapter 4 O_o

  9. Do you even follow the story???