Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Brine Legacy Chapter 1

The Brine Legacy: Chapter 1

Yet another legacy, I know! This one I've had in game for a while now, and I'm a good portion through the first generation. Our founders have six children: an eldest son, the triplet girls, and the twin girls. The blond one above is the oldest triplet, Selena. The little girl right next to her is the youngest triplet, Victoria.

Here's the middle triplet, Katy, with her father, also known as our founder, Taylor Brine. Taylor is employed in the Private Investigator Proffession, but hasn't been working lately due to the endless toddlers around the house.

Here's the mother of the six maniacs and Taylor's wife, Khloe Brine. She's finally gone back to work for her first time in Medical after her lengthy maternity leave. 

Here's one of the twins, her name is Megan. I'm pretty sure she is the older one but I'm not positive. 

Here's Megan's twin, Mauria. 

And finally, the oldest of the six children, Zac!

Before I knew it, it was time for the triplets to gracefully transition into children. Finally, three less toddlers to constantly attend.

All three of the girls grew up to look gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Here's Selena, looking ever so harmless in yellow everything.

Here's Katy, whose white dress looks amazing aginst her tan skin. I think she might be my favorite out of the three, but I honestly can't decide!

And finally, wearing Lilac, here's Victoria! They're all so pretty! I'm so screwed when it comes time for the heir vote...


    Sorry, I love little Lilac. <3

  2. Thanks Skip! Yeah, Victoria looks nice in Lilac! It's weird, because I dressed them in their favorite colors and they compliment them really well. That was really weird for a guy to say... o.o ;)

  3. Hehe, I'mma call her Lilac.
    I dunno.
    But to me, Victoria shall always be my little Lilac. xD
    Psh, it's ok drew! You need a sense of color cordination! Now a girl won't have to go through hours upon hours to teach you like I had to do. xD
    Oh, and please, call me Bethany. Or Beth.
    Or, you can call me skip if you prefer...xD

  4. All of them are so pretty! :D
    I still want an update on our family in your game. Preferably with pictures.

  5. @Bethany: Lilac it is! :)
    @Sarah: I'm getting to it, Sarah. It's gonna be a rough week coming up cause of mid terms. :(

  6. Hehe, yay! I've always loved the name Lilac. But, I guess she should be similar with Victoria. How about Viclac? xD

  7. Vilac! xD
    Beth, you make me laugh! :)

  8. Lol I like Lilac XD
    :( Wish I knew how to get hair from Peggyzone and everything like that

  9. Beth taught me how, it's really easy now that I think about. The only problem is I forget all of the steps you only have to do once when you're beginning.

  10. You don't remember?!
    I was gonna ask you!!!!

  11. I don't, ask Beth, she's the one who helped me. So sorry!

  12. Sarah, are we in the same boat you and I?
    WAAAAAAA!!! All that hair is so lovely and I wants it!!!