Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who Crax First? Introduction

Who Crax First?: Introduction A Double Legacy

Hi, that's me, Jessica Crax. My brother and I recently moved here to Barnacle Bay to inherit our parents' house after they passed away. My brother and I are basically complete opposites. I'm the Shy, Easily Impressed, Bookwork who is a Natural Cook and is rather Artistic.

That's my brother, Damion Crax, or should I say soon to be Barancle Bay's heart throb. He's the Flirty yet Evil boy who is Athletic and Dislikes Children, although there's something special about him that gives him this Star Quality. 

The house was tastefully decorated in our two favorite colors, lime and black. I took to my painting easel immediately and Damion sat on the couch and watched some TV.
"Sis, I'm gonna head out," my brother broke the silence.
"Already? We just got here!" I complained.
"I need some loving," he protested.
"Of course you do," I replied while rolling my eyes.

Finding some romance is just what Damion did, after all, many described him as having this irresistable charm. He just would wander up to doors acting lost and asking for directions, and if someone attractive happened to answer the door he pounced. Miss Nina Caliente was no exception, and the two were lip locking in no time. 

Damion ended up spending the night at Nina's house, and the next morning he proposed. Reluctantly, Nina excepted, her Commitment Issues trait kicking in. 

Even though the wedding was going to be private, it surpringly had Damion all worked up. He was worried about how he'd look and kept working out at the gym, and eating healthy. It was weird seeing my brother like this, actually making something stable of his life. Everyone always that that would be me...

Later that say while visiting Nina, the two decided to ttie the knot right there. The pair was now officially Mr. and Mrs. Damion Crax. Nina seemed rather happy about the ocassion, which I guess was good. But by being the innocent bystander I could smell cheating in the air.

It turns out Nina is pretty into Athletics as well, so she bought the house a treadmill and was able to squeeze it in the hallway. Her and Damion are always fighting over who gets to use it next, so they can meet their requirements for their next promotion. 

Nina has began growing on me, it turns out she has a heart. I think she feels bad for me because I have to watch her and my brother in a full blown romance while I have no one. While eating breakfast one morning while Damion was at work, Nina said that she was taking me to the gym tomorrow to look for some cute guys that could be spouse potential. I said she didn't have to but she insisted, ignoring my Shy trait.

That night I couldn't get any sleep. The mixture of my excitement for tomorrow and the woohooing that the newlyweds were doing in the next room over kept me from drifting off. But I didn't care, tomorrow could be the day I found the man that I'd live with my entire life. 

And I think I just might have.


  1. Ooh, very creative! Nice job!
    And I thinks I know who's cheating...and with who...

  2. This is just a guess but do you think Damion is cheating with Nina's sister Dina?

  3. Interesting blog but I think I'm getting dizzy from trying to sort characters and stories.

  4. Yeah, I tend to jump around a lot.