Monday, May 16, 2011

Ugly Is My Middle Name Chapter 3

Ugly Is My Middle Name: Chapter 3 An Uglacy

Taylor's picked up baking as her past time. Although I wouldn't trust anything she makes since no one is really sure whether she can see what she's putting into that mixing bowl over her size-challenged nose.
Hey, what's up?
"You know what I meant. -.-"
Do I? Do I really?
Well that's news to me...

"Mom, you do realize the computer screen is black, right?"
"Well there goes four hours of hard work..."
"Sucks to be you."
"Oh shut it, Taylor."
Mother-daughter bonding. <3

"I can see it now! The stranded family on a lawn! In 3D!"
*fake gasp* There's an Oscar.
"Don't make me get out of this computer screen..."

"Frickn' toilet."
Ha ha! :P
"Don't make me-"
Yeah, yeah, I know.

On the bright side, Walter absoultely adores Brock. Who has mysterious blond hair now that I think about it... I'm pretty sure Walter was a red head...
"Beautiful music Brock!"
"Thwank wou dwada."
And my statement was ignored, what else is new. -_-

"School sucks!"
"I know! I can't even get past the first question!"
"What is it, maybe I can help."
"It says 'Print Name Here:'. What's that supposed to mean?!?"
"Dear Lord help us all..."

Quite a few birthdays going on in the Parker household! ^_^
Becoming a teenager, we have Angie!
"That's Angelina to you."
Sure it is...

Here's Angie-
Whatever. Here she is all done up as a teenager. Hey, if you're pretty you might as well embrace it, right? She's really pretty, except her jaw's a little square but nothing major...
Well she's a failure uglacy child.

Woo! No more toddlers! :-D
Yup, Brock's becoming a child too.

Ugh, he's adorable. It's official. -_-
I'm not a fan of his blond hair though. :-/
Ah well.

And our final birthday belongs to our founder, Mrs. Parker.
"I wish for.. Ew! Is that mold!?"
He he... Moving on.

She aged up pretty good, minus a few wrinkles! Good for her, I guess...


  1. Hehehehe. no especially ugly kids in an uglacy xD

  2. The girl in the first picture (although I didn't get a good shot of her...) is ugly! ^-^
    That count? o.o

  3. If you look at the last chapter of this you'll see what I mean! :D