Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Raining Color Chapter 3

It's Raining Color: Chapter 3 A Rainbowcy

Since I no longer trust Cherry, Orange is now on toddler-skilling duty!
Isn't it? XD

Dessert just plays on the few toys this family can aford all day long (seriously, this family is broke, we can't even afford carpet -.-). Since he's learned all of his skills already, he just sits there and looks completely unrelated to this family.
"I hwave Mwommy's skwin."
Do you need me to point out the mysterious black hair?

I know I said Cheesecake here would probably be the heir, but I'm having second thoughts... I'm pretty sure it's going to be Berry now, since she has genetics that are all normal. It's not that Cheescake's aren't, I'm just not sure if I want her mysterious light brown eyes taking ove rmy gene pool. But she's adorable anyways! <3

"You suck, I hope you know that."
Music to my ears! :)

We didn't really have to wait that long for another birthday to roll around in the Strudel household, and soon Cherry and Orange's eldest, misfit Dessert, was becoming a child!
"He wishes for hard wood floors!"
"Slow down, Orange, he'll be perfectly happy with carpet."

Here's Dessert all grown up! Still having black hair and lilac eyes... I honestly wonder where the could have came from! Ugh. >.<

Since I was feeling ever so generous, I decided to do the best to my ability and help Dessert fit in. I gave him his mom's hair color, since I figured... Well, I dunno, I just picked it. x]