Monday, May 23, 2011

My Alphabetical Legacy Chapter 3

My Alphabetical Legacy: Chapter 3 

"And get this, now they make me sleep in day old newspaper! Like a dog! Do I look like a dog? Don't you dare answer that!"
Who are you...
"I said don't answer that!"

Andrea's teaching her grandson all of his life skills, since I'm against her sitting around on her butt all day.
"Well I'm not."
Do I care?

"Sorry, I'll be out of your hair in a second."
"No, please. Take your time. You're doing my job for me."
"Why thank you! Remind me why we're not paying you more?"
"I don't know..."
"I think you deserve an 100 simoleon pay raise!"


I <3 Connor! He's so adorable!!! <333

"Can you say 'I wanna be a rock star!'?"
Ugh, I knew you would find away to manipulate him early on in life...
"Payback sucker."

"I'm pregnant!"
Woot Teri's officially carrying the next of generation C. :-D

"Dear God my back hurts."
You've only been pregnant for one second!
"Yeah right."
You're in the same spot where you changed into your maternity clothes.
I think not.

So Teri's dad decided to throw a party where the attire was swim wear (even though they had no pool..) and proceeded to feel his daughter's barely showing stomach while she was in her bathing suit...
Am I the only one who finds that a little creepy? o.o

As much as I hate to admit it, that is pretty cool. 8)

"Aren't these pancakes just delicious?"
"Yeah, they're pretty -cough- -choke- -cough-"
"Yay! You're choking!"

"Jared! Save it for the bedroom!"
"I'll be waiting..."

"-cough- That's your third helping!"
"Look how fat you're getting!"
"I'm pregnant, moron."
"You are...?"
"No, I'm just fat."
"See, I told you!"

"Can you hear anything, babe?"
"Life is tasty!"
"I was reading your shirt..."
"Oh, I thought our baby was talking."
"Did you even read that pregnancy book?"
"Okay, no."

"I should've read that darned booooook!"
Sucks to be you. >:)

A little while later, Ben and Teri became the proud parents of a little girl, who they named Christina!

And the final baby of generation C is made!

Andrea is the best grandmother ever! <3
Oh, and because of little Christina's arrival I had to build an extension on the hosue. Her bedroom is the only one on the second floor! 

You know what this means!
"-blah- That I -puke- hate you? -hurl-"

"Ha ha ha! My wife's getting wrinkly! Ha ha ha!"
"Put a sock in it Jared."
"Sorry, Sweetie."
Andrea may be aging up, but so is our youngest member of the family!

Wow. I think Andrea aged up great! Seriously, I think she might be the best looking elder I've ever seen! To me, she's prettier as an elder than she was when she was an adult. Wow!

Christina aged up quite nicely too!


  1. Christina is so pretty! :D

    Poor Teri, forced to reproduce after every new baby. XD Give the woman some rest! hahaha

    Connor is adorable as well. I would like to see a bit more of a story line narrated, but you should still keep the inner monologue going. It's definitely humorous at times.

    "-blah- That I -puke- hate you? -hurl-"

    ^ XP

    And yes, the Dad feeling his barely clothed, not-yet-showing, pregnant daughter's belly is pretty creepy.

  2. @J: Thanks so much for commenting! I love seeing new faces on my blog! :D
    I know, I'm super pleased with the way the kids are coming out this generation! :)
    Yeah, I like to keep my legacies moving and fast pasced! She gets one out and then gets the next one right in! XD
    Glad you liked the humor! I'm planning on keeping it this way, as it's one of my de-stressers when writing it. But many of my other stories on here are legacies with plot lines, they're much better, I can see the difference myself! ^.^
    I can give you a link to one of 'um if you want! Or you can just fish around!
    Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who found that creppy! o.o

    @Hannah: The kids are seriously adorable, I'm so excited! ^.^