Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good vs. Bad ~ Fun with Pose Player!

So I was really bored the other night and decided to have some fun with Pose Player! Let me know what you think of the pictures, but don't worry- I know they're not that great!

Okay, so the theme I was going for was like two guys battling it out to see who was better and who could get more girls. Which group do you like better? The one with the vampire, otherwise known as "The Good Group"? Or the bold group, known as "The Bad Group"? Leave your vote here, and whoever wins, I'll put a winning shot together with that group! Thanks!


  1. The 2nd pic is kind of disturbing yet hilarious at the same time xD

  2. rofl XD
    I just noticed it looks like the alien is covering up a naked girl (the one with red hair!)! XD

  3. Lol yes and her legs are up in the air randomly xD Took me a bit to figure out where they came from lol

  4. lol! XD
    I totally see what you mean!