Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Brine Legacy Chapter 3

The Brine Legacy: Chapter 3

Gotta love having teenagers around the house. They get to work on their parenting skills when the should be hanging out with friends while his parents work on getting promotions. Right Zac?
Who asked you anyways? :P

Taylor's back in thw swing of picking up Investigator cases, since the girls are getting old enough to take care of themselves and help out around the house!
"Are you sure you don't want to go on a date with her?"
"I'm married!"
"So? This one has wrinkles! Everyone loves wrinkles!"
"Wait! Where are you going?!"

"I'm so proud of myself! I built a house!"
Most two year olds I know can do that...
"Way to kill the moment."
Thanks, I try hard.

Taylor's LTW is to max both the Painting and Guitar skill, and he's a few days a way from becoming an Adult and he hasn't even started. o.o
It's not my fault we couldn't afford an easel or a guitar! They're the ones that popped out 6 kiddos!
You might think it's pointless since I have employed as a PI, but it's nice because he gets a weekly stripend every Sunday which is about 1,000 simoleons even if he solves no cases all week. And when he does, he gets an additional 500 on the spot! Gotta love professions!

"Katy we have a table!"
"Chill out Selena, we only have three chairs. We're not that rich."
"We're not rich at all!"
"Good point."

"Fweed me! Wahhh!"
Oh shut it Megan.

"Woo! Go Megan!"
"Sweetie, my name's Khloe. Your wife...?"
"I knew that."
"Sure you did..."

Yeah, so I think Khloe aged anything but graciously into adult hood. She got quite a few wrinkles, her lips thinned out, and yeah... Not the best. But I did change her hair and I like it a lot more! The other one was too... Eh.

The twins are also celebrating their birthdays! Woo! No more toddlers! :-D
First up, we have Megan.

She aged up adorabely! I changed her hairstyle, much better. And she's wearing orange! =D
She' also has green eyes! I love green eyes! 

And her little sis, Moira (yeah, I changed the spelling of her name, bite me. :P), was right after her!

She aged up beautifully too! I'm not so sure if I like the golden hair against the tan skin though... :-/


  1. Both cute-ays, woot!
    I like Moira better for some reason
    at least at the moment =3

  2. Glad you like her! ^-^
    The kiddos are adorable. <3