Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Modeling Competition! 8)

So, I recently joined yet another modeling competition called Miss Simerica. I'm Miss Massachusetts (representing! lol). I had a lot of fun with this assignment! I've never used the Nectary skill before, and yes, I've had World Adventures since the week it came out. So don't ask. XD But it was a lot of fun! I ended up doing a collage of most of my pics, and the one I passed in was the second one! I hope you guys think it's good, because I know it sounds cocky, but I'm really proud of myself!
Oh, and the Good group won the Pose Player Pose Off thing. So expect a winning pose from them in the following week! =]


  1. Oooh,nice pics! :)
    I'm glad taht teh good group one. But just one thing....on the pose player pictures, the fourth one - the dark skinned girl with teh purple dress is a Krissy Mills look-a-like IMO. Lol. :)

  2. Thanks, Emma! ^.^
    Which dark skinned one? o.o
    I don't really see one... :?

  3. Um....gawd, how do I explain it? She ain't veeery dark skinned. On teh 4th pic. One in teh purple dress. To teh left of Drew. Probs just my crappy eyesight, ah wells.

  4. Oh her! XD
    Sorry, I was having a "Durrr" moment, lol!
    Yeah, she's really pretty!
    I'm using Tay for a modeling competition!
    I guess she does sorta look like Kirssy, now that I think of it.