Friday, May 20, 2011

Friendship ♥

This was the next assignment in that simself modeling competition I joined! It's quite ironic actually- this assignment in relation to my life right now. This week's been full of drama regarding my friends, so it's weird that this assignment has made me think carefully about which one I wanted to depict as my best friend. I ended up choosing my friend Kim. We'd been mad at each other all day Wednesday and then I realized how I hated not having her company, so I knew when we made up Thursday morning that were best friends. And then that night, this assignment comes up! It was fate!
We had to depict ourselves and our best friend in this assignment, showing what we do. And I think this assignment pictures us perfectly: laughing. And I think the picture is pretty detailed, and I'm quite pleased with it. ^.^
The top picture is just a sweet, romantic picture that I happened to create while in the process of taking my main photo, and I think it turned out adorable!

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