Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Generations Photos!!!

So I made an entire family to test the game out! This is just going to be a quick overview of all of the fun features in Generations that I've played so far! So, here's Bob Miller.

His son, Robby Miller.

And here's Bob's mother, Becca!

In a separate family but still in the same household, we have Trish Clemens.

Her daughter, Sarah Clemens.

And Trish's other daughter, Tamara.

Oh, and there's this random guy I made live with them all, Tom Michaels.

I bought a house that was premade just for Generations, and it had everything! So I sent Sarah over to the slip-n-slide to have a little fun!

I totally thought they lied about the canes, but I found 'um! And you can adjust the way they walk with them too! ^_^

I love this interaction! <3
It's so lifelike and it's just adorable!

Robby's having some fun with the chemistry set! It's amusing when they blow up when they don't find anything! ^_^
I haven't tried out any of the potions yet though, but just from the names they sound pretty cool!

Home. Movies. <3
Oh, and I'm not sure where I'd fit this in, but Sims can now take classes after school at the school, I've registered my kids in them but they haven't officially taken them yet. So, I'm not exactly sure what the deal with that is. Oh, and there's field trips! I got the permission slip pop up, but I haven't seen him gone yet. And teens can ask their parents to teach them how to drive! It's fun to watch the car but when they're in the car they couldn't be anymore bland... Bah, enough with the randomness.

Okay, these treehouses are amazing! They're so detailed! I'm having fun just watching the kids play in them! 

And spill water on people... XD

Not the main purpose of the picture (I gust like laughing at his reaction...) but there's body hair now! I'm not sure if that's exciting though...

Ah, but let's not forget the pranks now!

It wasn't exactly good timing for Sarah considering she did it right in front of her mom...
But I love this part! The kids get scolded and actually punished (if you want to you can lift the punishment). Sarah here (after multiple prankings) wasn't allowed to go up in the treehouse, use the computer, and was grounded. And I kept it that way. x]

Pillow fighting is back!!! <3

There's adorable new romantic interactions too! You get to pick the color of the flowers and everything... except it costs 40 simoleons. Way to be pricy EA. -_-

Cuddling under the stars... <3
There's dates too!

And let's not forget the shower woohoo... o.o
You cannot tell me that that's actually comfotable...

There's a new Daycare Profession, it's a lot of work but still a lot of fun!

Finally, there's the backelorette/bachelor parties! Here's a guest toasting the bride-to-be by comparing her to a yetti... XD

And of course, the "nectar" spraying.

Then this random guy shows up (half nacked for a bachelorette party of course...) and delivers a radio and starts dancing away. XD
This is just some of the fun I've had with Generation so far! I can't wait to discover more with the game!


  1. Hmmm, I don't know. If your shower is big enough, I guess it'd be ok.

  2. Wow, this looks awesome! Thanks for the pics and stuff. :D
    Not sure about the shower woo hoo though... o.O

  3. @Jess: My thoughts exactly. XD
    It'd be a little cramped but still doable I suppse...
    A bed just seems more comfy! ^_^

    @mEgA: You're welcome! And trust me, it definitely is awesome! :D
    Yeah, don't think I'll be using the shower woohoo that often to be honest... O.o

  4. Sooo Aweso,e!!! Thanks for Posting :-)

  5. It's been a while since I played TS3, because of technical issues with the game. But after I patched the game, just to see if it would improve, I got so excited, I had to buy Generations that same day. It is great! I love your pictures. I havent even tried the treehouses yet... Gonna do that right now!

  6. Congrats on getting your game to work with the new patch! ^.^
    I could've never have done what you did, and just stop playing. o.o
    Yeah, the game's awesome, and so are the treehouses! :D