Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Just A Normal Day...

So for Emma's modeling competition, Not Just A Normal Day, we had to depict what our model does on her day off. Lilly here likes to spend time with her boyfriend, Marmalade! ;D Anyways, this was a quick and easy photo shoot, I ended up passing in the last photo as my assignment. No collage this round, I felt it already had enough going on. I hope I do good, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out!


  1. Hehe, I bet you will do good! :)
    But you have some tough competition, princessbee and jaunty were in cycle 1 as well (and jaunty was teh winner so she's the one you wanna beat the most! lol)
    Ah well, I can't tell you how well it'll do since I'm not a judge, but good luck anyways!

    ....and hoping to get M&BD chapter up today as well!

  2. They both placed below me last round, which I found weird since they're both so good...
    Oh, and I'm not expecting to win, especially since this is only my second modeling competition, lol.
    And yay, possible new chapter!

  3. Ah, you never know....I'm actually shocked at how well I'm doing in your modelling comp!
    I'mma write up teh chapter now....
    Stupid forums not working =.(

  4. You're really improving! All of us judges agree!
    Woot! New chapter! :Dn
    When aren't the forums working is the question.

  5. Aw, thanks! :)
    I would post this on the forums but Liam don't want me to go on the forums at all now so linkage to teh chapter:
    Yeah, good point. They never work.
    I'm rebuilding me legacy house atm, but I'm gonna upload the old one ^.^

  6. Ugh, the forums aren't working for me either. >.<
    But I read the new update and commented on it! ^-^

  7. Die Liam!!!
    Thank-youuuuuuu for the comment ^.^
    Yeah, I do like cliff-hangers....they kinda give whoevers reading it a reason to read the next chapter...

  8. Ugh, the forums still aren't working for me. -_-I'm deprieved, I've gone all day without my forums. :'(
    Cliff hangers are awesomeness! 8)