Monday, March 21, 2011

Upon A Shooting Star Chapter 3

Upon A Shooting Star: Chapter 3 A Wishacy

Dan works steadily towards gaining promotions, since they're the only wishes he ever rolls. Hopefully, once he reaches the top he'll want to finally settle down and start a family, which shouldn't be long, considering he's at level 7.

I really can't wait to have Molly living here, she has the Neat trait, ah, he wonders that that will do. For now, Dan enjoys his breakfast daily with the previous day's eaten meals. Lovely.

"Now you have to understand, I'm doing this out of love."
Well this out to be good.
"We all knew it was coming sooner or later."
What? You adding another juice box?
"Creator is going insane."
"And I fear for my pixalated life. Therefore, it's time for a few of you to go. Forever."

Happy day! Oh, happy day!
Yes! Goodbye! Goodbye forever! Goodbye!

Meanwhile, Dan fails to role a senseless wish. Buy a hot tub? Of course. Get married? I don't think so. Ugh, this thing is extremely painful. Extremely.
"I could get use to this."
Oh shut it.

One night after work Molly decided to throw a party, and I practically screamed! I flipped out! Of course, I said Dan would go. The second he gets there he decides to read a book. For the entire time. -_-
Then the Tired moodlet pops up so I send him off to Molly's bed, and a few hours later, the couple is reunited. A few minutes into the reunion, Molly tells Dan that it's getting that and that he should head home. You're kidding me, right?

No worries, the senseless wishes continue! Like learning the fishing skill, perfect for a man who's involved in medicine! Just perfect! Do you just wish for random things? Ugh.

A little later into the week, Molly throws her second party, and of course we decide to go. After being sidetracked by some random chick, where does he gravitate? No other than the bookcase of course.
At this point I break down. Literally. I decide to use my one daily interaction, something I've tried to avoid doing, but their lack of romance was truly killing me. They do a few romantic exchanges and then Dan leaves her for the- you guessed it, bookcase. Halfway into the book, Molly kicks him out while thanking him for coming to the party. This relationship is a total dud.

Finally, the end of the week (again with no progress...) rolls around. On the bright side, Dan fulfills his LTW by reaching the top of the Medical Career! Goodbye work related wishes! Things can only get better from here! Or, you know, they could get worse...


  1. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! He fails!
    No seriously, he fails. But you seem to be making the best of it, so that's good!

  2. Eh, he's not as bad as others. He's already reached his LTW and has a fiance, so it's not that bad. Plus, he's still a young adult! :)