Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too Lucky For Words

Today was the day when I presented my experiment at the Ecotarium. Well, let me start out at the beginning. My science teacher had told our parents to dismiss us from school an hour too early, so we were the only three students there for an hour before it was really time to set up. Our parents pretty much abdandoned us and said they'd be back after the judging for the results which would be at 6:30. I presented my project to one judge, and then another, so I'd completed the judging, but then another woman came over that was a little different than the others. I did my routine, and she handed me a slip that told me I was going to the regionals! Woot! I was so excited! They hadn't even announced the winners of teh divisions at the Ecotarium yet! So after I flipped out it was finally time to head to where they announced the winneres, so I grabbed my family and prepared myself! My dad kept teasing me saying "Drew, when they call you up, remember, shake with the right, and accept with the left." Gah, he kept annoying me. For my division, there was a four way tie for fourth, I wasn't part of it. Third place, wasn't me. "And second place goes to, project number 99, Dr-" That's me!!! Woot!!!