Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ew, It's Science

A few blogs ago I mentioned that we'd be presenting our science projects, and today I did just that. My experiment, Soak Up Some Colors, answer the question "Do differerent colored lights affect plant growth?" My report followed one about bacteria, so I was sort of hoping it would be a little more interesting. It was short and sweet, and everyone understood it, and most people actually seemed interested. My science teacher really enjoyed it, he commented saying it was excellent and stared at my board! While I was going to put my board away in the back of the room, my teacher followed me and asked me this: "Will you be able to get transportation to the Ecotarium?" I didn't know what he was talking about, but I said I think so and then he went back to listen to the next presentation. When the kids for the day finished presenting, he informed us that he would be picking three A+ projects to go to the Ecotarium tomorrow and present our projects suring the school day! He said he knew one of the kids already (me!) and would no the other do by the end of the day! So that means I got an A+ on my project and get to miss some of school! Woot!