Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick, Sick, and Sick. -.-

In case you couldn't tell by the title I'm quite sick. I've had a cold on and off for the past few weeks but last night it developed into something more. I have this horrible fever, headache, cough and stuffy nose. Literally, last night I woke up every half hour, and this morning when my mom took my temperature it was 100.9, and we just took it again and it's 101.2. I just can't get healthy! I missed school today, which really stinks considering teh amount of work I'm going to need to make up. Also, I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel awful about not updating this blog. I've failed to get anything sims related up this month and my blogs just don't seem to be as frequent anymore. But I promise guys, I plan on changing that soon!


  1. Hope you get well soon! (This is just selfishness, but if you can't go to school, that means that you'll have a lot of free time. In free time you can play sims. When playing sims you can make a new chapter of the Ashleys. So, when will we see a new chapter? XD)

  2. I'm out sick again today. -_-
    I have the pictures for the next chapter, but my mom freaks when I'm home sick and on teh computer. On the bright side the new chapter will be out tomorrow.

  3. Aww, dude, I'm sorry. Hopefully you feel better soon!
    Well, since we're on the subject, anything I can do to make you feel better?
    Hmm...maybe...I know!
    P.S. I'm using my real name because my dad will kill me anyway. :/

  4. Yeah, I'm feeling a little better. My fever's gone. Thankfully.
    Nothing you can do besides come back to the forums, but I know you wouldn't do that, and I certainly don't blame you.
    If your dad's going to kill you then I suggest to stop talking to me. I don't want any more trouble. For you or me.

  5. I was about to suggest that.
    Im so sorry, Drew. I never meant to get anyone into this mess I've made.
    Drew, I know you'll never feel the same way, but do you remember that guy I was talking about? That was you.
    Goodbye, Drew. Not forever, but for a while. Goodbye.

  6. It's okay, I've pretty much accepted it now.
    And about the last part, I had a feeling.
    Hope to see you soon...