Monday, March 28, 2011

True Friendship...?

Last night I was texting my friend, or, well, she texted me, and something really big came up. Like major. I don't know how to explain it so here's the conversation between the two of us...

Her: I need. A hug.
Me: Aww i wish i could give u one :( WHY WHATS UP? effin caps...
Her: Because this is the second time this week i've cried because of the same thing.
Me: What happened? :(
Her: I'll tell you at school.
Me: Plz just tell me now
Her: It takesto long to type. But if you want two words: i'm trapped
Me: Wtf. Can u plz just tell me.
Her: It takes too lonnngggggg
Me: Fine then.
Her: But now i have time. So i suppose ill start explaining. Ill finish up at schoolx.x
Me: Lol kk
Her: So. My parents dont listen to me. Ots always, oh ___ ur in a bad mood? i'll just keep on mkaing u do my work. just to watch u get maddr and madder.oh you want to tell me something? u better not talk back, or else i'll slap you so hard that red mark wont be leaving.h im bigger, smarter, STRONGER, so stfu and do what i say. did i mention i'll slap you if you dont? if ur lucky i'll just grit my teeth and put my hand in a fist and bring it reaaaaal close to ur arm. real fast too. so ya flinch.
Me: Plz tell me this is like a joke...
Her: No it isnt. But i'm gunna sit them down one night and tell them why my face is so red andwhy i cant stop cring. but thanks for caring.
Me: ___ u need to like talk to some1...
Her: I know i do. But i think i can manage.if i cant i'll just disapear for a week or two and i'll come back all good(:
Me: We r talking to some1 2morrow about this.
Her: No
Me: Uh yeah
Her: Compared to the stuf other parents do this is absolutely nothing. drew dont tell anyone. i cant trust ________ i dont know about _____ or _____ and im not sure about ________
Me: ___ come on. Its gonna be ok.
Her: I never said it wouldnt? i can manage, i justneeded to rant to someone who'd care and i'm done soooo now i'll get by just fine(:
Me: We r still talking to some1 2morrow...
Her: Nooooooooo 

From there, she basically kept saying that she can handle it on her own and that I can't tell anyone. That I can't do anything and tell anyone at school. Before she told me that I couldn't tell anyone, I told one of our closest friends. From there I made her promise not to tell that she knows, and she promised to help me find help for my friend that's being abused. We agreed to talk to my English teacher (who used to be a rape counselor for teenage girls). So I wrote up a quick note and had my "accomplice" bring it up to her. My teacher's face was shocked, and my distressed friend still had no idea any of this was going on. And she still doesn't. I suspect my teacher will do something to help her soon. But in the texts after that she kept saying that she could handle it, and that if I was a true friend I wouldn't tell anyone who could help her, like my English teacher. I just hope I did the right thing, and that after she finds out what I did that we can remain the bestest of friends.

Oh, and any of these ___ are my friends' names who I don't want to reveal. And most of the spelling and grammar mistakes that you see are on purpose, exactly what was in the text messages.


  1. You did the right thing. No one should have to deal with stuff like this, but if there's no other way, then they shouldn't have to deal with it on their own. It's good she has a friend like you, who knows what's the best for her. I think anyone would be lucky to have a good friend like you. And that English teacher was indeed the best person to tell, she'll know what to do.
    And besides, if you're really friends, she'll be happy you helped her, after you've given her some time.

  2. Thanks, Jess. :)
    This has just been a little much for us to handle... I spent last night crying myself to sleep...
    I just hope my English teacher will do something soon.

  3. Yeah. For your friend's sake, I hope so too.

  4. Nothing happened today... :(

  5. But it might take time, that teacher will have to think of a way to help her. You can't just walk up to someone, and say that you have heard something and that you want to talk to her.

  6. Things just got a whole lot more interesting today. I'm not sure on what's true though, and what's not. I might make another post once everything is cleared up...