Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Disagree Chapter 2

I Disagree: Chapter 2 A Life As We See It

Both of us have accustomed to our new schedules quite smoothly. Most mornings, Mint heads down to the salon to take care of the few appointments he has for the day. Between appointments he's able to schmooze his boss, Sugar, attempting to persuade her for a promotion to help support our growing family. Unfortunately, she thinks he's solely being extremely friendly, assuming all he's looking for is friendship. Boy is she wrong.

While Mint's working like a dog, I'm at home patiently teaching Flower her life skills. Certain learning disabiltiies disappear with age, and every day Flower seems to be picking up things slightly quicker than the previous one. I can only hope this means good things are in our familiy's future.

With time, Mint was able to attain that promotion he's so desperately wanted. Every evening he describes the clients that request his assitance in great detail, and from the sounds of things, half this town must not own a mirror. 

But my husband's on a mission to fix that, and instantly turns their appearance into something to stare at. 
"You don't think it make my butt look big?"
"Er, no?"
"Yay! Thank you so much!"
I'm not sure if that was a type of pick up line, but it doesn't matter, she failed misrebly without my conniving.

Ever since the drinking mishap while carrying Flower, I've tried to keep busy as much as possible. My suspicions haven't officially been confirmed that I'm pregnant for the second time, but I prefer to be safe than sorry. Mint's such a sweetheart, on his way home from work he'll bring me home something new to do, whether it be a book or some useless contraption that I have no idea how to operate. 

Occasionally, Mint feels as if he's not contibuting enough to Flower's upbringing due to him working a hefty number of hours per day. Some days when I reveal my eyes during a game of peek-a-boo, I uncover them to the hard wood floor where my daughter was sitting a brief few seconds ago. I'll glance upward and see my beautiful daughter in the arms of my handsome husband, being spoiled rotten by her loving father. 

Late at night a few weeks later, I was absolutely positive that I was bringing another angel into the world once I felt the child lightly kick. I broke the hearwarmign news to Mint at brekfast and he nearly stabbed himself while cutting his sausage he was so excited!

Talking is by far the most difficult skill to teach little Flower, but Mint sits with her a few hours a day, expanding her vocabulary, if we're lucky, by a single word for her to flaunt.

A guilty conscience is a horrible thing to have while on maternity leave, the constant reminder of how I'm just getting paid because I'm having a child and not really working is slightly too much for me. Therefore, I took up an enjoyable hobby that also helps bring in some cash, mixology. Whenever Mint gets home from work, I'll head out to any bar that seems a little low on staff and moonlight, usually earing an average of 100 simoleons an evening. As long as I stay to mixing the alcohol rather that drinking it, this task should be enough to keep me occupied and feel like I'm contributing financially.

Long and demanding hours have kept Mint from sleeping soundly at night, between worrying about a hopeless client and caring fot a child and hormonal wife, the poor guy can't catch a break. Practically all of the nights I come home now after concluding at the bar, I often find him napping on the couch with the T.V. while bottles and diapers are scattered across the floor.

Our opposing work hours leave little time for a passionate relationship, chatting at breakfast is sometimes the only time we communicate during the day. But I'm positive as the days go on and our children grow older, that fire will return and it will never be put out.

Cleaning the shower has never been so eventful! Why, the second I reached down to scoop up a sponge I went into labor! I cried out in pain and Mint was quickly awakened and hired a babysitter to watch Flower as her new sibling was being born.

Surprisingly, I was a little disappointed when we walked out of the hospital to the parents of another girl. Now more then ever I wanted two little boys to accomadate my two little girls. Really, what I wanted was simple, just some balance. But with the birth of Lavender, my life was far from it.

Mint put up no protest when I requested bring a few more bundles of joy into the world, in fact he couldn't have been more thrilled! We got right to it in a matter of minutes after placing "darling" Lavender in her crib next to Flower's.

Moonlighting became extremely painstaking due to my countless bathroom breaks becuse of my frequent nausea. I had my fingers crossed that it was a result our planned addition and not a form of food poisoning.

A month or two later, I learned that Mint and I's beautiful night together had been a success and that I was hopefully carrying an exact carbon copy of him, gender and all.

Lavender's birthday into toddlerhood rolled around more quickly than expected, and I realized I forgot to purchase her a gift! Oh well. Mint proudly brought his second daughter to the cake and eagerly watched her transformation.

Ugh, Lavender turned out to look exactly like me, only inheriting Mint's vibrant eyes. Eh, if we chopped her hair a little shorter I'm sure she could pass as a boy...


  1. Nono, the Ashleys. Other than that, nice!

  2. You seriously can't expect me to be funny when I'm sick and in pain...

  3. No. I don't expect you to be. :) But I can try to make you feel better, can't I?