Wednesday, November 2, 2011


If I'm not around that much on Wednesdays anymore, it's because I've joined the Robotics club at school. Despite the fact that I loathe science and engineering... XD
But it's not too bad so far, and if we end up winning the competition, we get to go on a trip to Florida all expensies paid. :D
In rather depressing news (well, for me anyway), my throat has been killing me all day. It better just be a sore throat... If I get strep... Bad things will happen. Very. Bad. Things. -_-


  1. Awww, hope ya feel better soon <3333
    oh least you're not like...hated and abused by your mother until you have no choice but to reside in your best mates house for several weeks.. 0.0
    But I get to choose what school I go to...(and my sims hair works XP)
    I think that makes my life better than yours

  2. 0_0
    Yeah...I'm back for a day but obviously I can't get on ts3 site though so...