Friday, November 11, 2011

Beech Modeling Assignment 4!

For this assignment we had to show our model hanging out at a party with her lady friends, being seductive. :]

Well for starters, after her last shoot, Marrissa has been less than happy. x]
In fact, I think she's plotting my death. O.O
Eh, I'll worry about it when the time comes. ;D

Immediately after I read the assignment, I knew right away that I wanted Marrissa to be using the lounger pose by Traelia. And I forgot how flattering it is! So I just took some picture spam of her. XD

This is another pointless picture, I just thought it looked cool with the extras' legs added in. :3

My first idea was to have the other models standing up, but then I realized the picture would be too far away to actually look good. But this is what I had in mind, anyways.

This was my second attempt at poses... Not that flattering, I know. x]
But it helped me realize I needed everyone on the ground. ^_^

Eight pose changes later (how I wish I was exaggerating...) I ended up with this combination! :D

Then I just dressed up the set and played with the lighting and angles, and I ended up with the last one as my entry! :)
I think it came out pretty good, besides the fact that most of my left model is cut off, and even though I'll probably get a lot of points taken off for it, I still think it looks good. :]

Oh! And I scored fifth for Assignment 3. Partially because I forgot the border requirement. Stupid move on my part...

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