Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Art of Editing Assignment 2

So I joined a competition to help me improve with my editing skills, and for our second assignment, we had to cut our sim out and paste them on a background and apply a shadow. Both of which I already knew how to do. (Don't I sound cocky? :P) Next assignment though, we're going to start getting into the challenging stuff... So I've been warned. O.O
Anyways, we had a few restrictions this round.
1.) Our model had to be wearing formal wear.
2.) It must be a nature scene.
So here's the in game shot! (above)

And here's the final product! :]
It's not too bad, I think. I'm probably going to get points taken off for my shadow, because I had no idea which direction to put it in since no other objects had shadows that I saw. x]
But there's that overhanging rock in the background that has a shadow, now that I look at it...


  1. I used the Free Select tool in GIMP. :3
    It takes a long time, but I think the result is worth it. ^_^