Friday, November 18, 2011

Assignment Fail x]

I entered my save to work on SNTM Assignment 2, and even though Marrissa isn't my model for that comp, I was still distracted by her. x]
Again, I got the death stare... I really don't think she likes being a model. O.O

But the glares calmed down and she was smiling. She looks so gorgeous when she's smiling! <333

Another pretty shot of her! :D

And here's Trinity, so she doesn't feel left out. XD
This is her assignment, after all...

Another smiling shot of Marrissa! <333

Getting distracted by horses... XD

And then I think my final product came out awful. x]
We had to show our model in a gown in a nature-like situation. And I'm just not liking my photo. Looks like I'll be trying again tomorrow! :|

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