Monday, December 13, 2010

Upon A Shooting Star Chapter 1

Upon A Shooting Star: Chapter 1 A Wishacy

Yes, I've begun another challenge. I've been playing this Wishacy in game for a while now, but trust me, nothing major has occured. Nothing. This is our founder, Daniel Wish, he's currently engaged to Molly Coddle, and they've had their first woohoo. Which means the next time he rolls the wish for a woohoo it can be "Try For Baby". The excitement!

Finally! It's about time Dan, those juics have been sitting here for the entire challenge. The entire thing! Maybe the negative moodlet finally became too much. This is probably the most interesting thing he did during my whole week of playing him. Yes, I played for a week and only got four pictures. Blame Dan.

Thankfully, Daniel tends to gravitate towards objects that advance skills. At least I got one good thing out of the deal.

By the way, Dan has a job in the Medical Career. Molly's his boss, so even though they can't meet in person, it's a good way for them to keep their relationship high. I think Daniel is at level 6 or 7 of his career, which means only a couple of promotions away from fulfilling his LTW.

Thanks for reading this little starter chapter to my Wishacy, and I hope you enjoyed! Feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. EA and their puns....Molly Coddle, pfffft.

  2. I know, and there is someone in Bridgeport named Lil' Bo or something like that. Oh EA.

  3. Lame

    There are some people in Riverview that have pun names

  4. EA definitely isn't doing to well on the creativity side with names. o.o

  5. Molly Coddle? What does that mean?
    Hey! I know a joke! Wanna hear it?

  6. I don't appreciate molly coddling

    It better not be a lame joke :P Lol kidding, make it as lame as you want.....

  7. Three men climb to the top of a mountain. They find a plaque that states, "Anyone who jumps off the mountain and makes a wish will have their wish granted." The first man jumps off and says, "I wish I was a doctor!" He is zapped back home where he finds he is a world-renowned surgeon. The second guy jumps off and says, "I wish I was a father!" He is zapped home where he finds out his wife has given birth to twins. The third man jumps. He starts, "I wish I was..." He stops and looks down. Jagged, pointy rocks are waiting to maim him. He yells out in shock, "Crap!"
    Find the b in that.

  8. I got it but I didn't laugh...not even a smile lol

  9. My brother heard it and was all O.O and then he laughed his pants off. But he's 9.
    Knowing him, Drew will prob be the second guy in the future. ;)

  10. And I'll be the one giving birth to twins.
    ...I just typed that, didn't I?

  11. ...Please, Sarah, no internet flirting lol XD
    I'm sure you can find alot of people that would laugh their pants off at that, but not me!