Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yeah, I'm sick. For the last week I've been sick with a cold, but when I woke up yesturday morning I had the worst sore throat. Or strep throat as I should say. I haven't even gone to the doctor yet, so we're not sure if it's definitely strep but trust me, I have a good idea of what it is. You have to understand something, I get strep throat at least twice every year around the holidays, which annoys me severely. So I'm pretty dang sure I know what strep is. When I was in fifth grade, I began feeling the burning sensation in my throat on Saturday, it's never on a weekday where I can go to the doctor. For the entire week, throughout school, my mom was all, "Drew, it's probably just sore!" or, "Relax. The Advil will help it!". The only reason she'd say that it because she's a nurse, so she feels she knows everthing. So this time when I got it she immediately called the doctor and he perscribed a gargling liquid, that numbs my throat. It didn't work that well, let's just say I went to bed not feeling my entire mouth instead of my entire throat. You should see me, every 3 hours I alternate between Advil and Tylenol, attempting to remove the excruciating pain, but no luck. Only the drug that the doctor perscriibes for strep can make it go away. Since the fifth grade incident, my Mom is a lot more careful when I say I have a sore throat, and now she's talking about bringing me to the ER for a throat culture. I feel bad because it costs money, even though she's an employee there. I loathe being sick. :-(


  1. what incident, by the way?
    I understand if you dont want to say, but i've always been very curious to things that've got nothing to do with me...

  2. I mentioned it in there!
    When my mom made me go to school for a week with strep throat untreated?