Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 1

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover: Chapter 1 A Differences In The Family Tree

I continued to garden regularly, and I was beginning to make around 50 simoleons a day. Not much, but I still felt like I was contributing. Things were going well.

Lenny and I soon became Good Friends, and he agreed to moving in. I tell ya, having a man around the house sure is helpful. I broke my sing earlier this week and he saved me my day's pay!

Lenny also took up painting. I think he feels bad that he's not helping out, so he's trying to earn some cash by selling his painting. They're not very good but it's the thought that counts.

Did I mention that I've developed quite the passion for fishing? Well, I have. It really helps me relax, and the result makes a great fertilizer for my growing garden. The other day I was out catching some fish when I heard a quarrel between Lenny and his girlfriend inside the house.

"Tiara, I hate you! You're never around anymore! We can't do anything like a real couple!"
"Lenny, you know I long to be an actress. The interviews, commercials, my career is taking off!"
"Well if you want your career so bad why don't you date that!"
"Maybe I will!"

Lenny took the break up with Tiara pretty hard. He cut his hair, saying it reminded him to much of his past. Poor guy.

I decided to do what a real friend would do, and that's take his mind off things. What? No one said it couldn't benefit me too.

Infact, we agreed on a private ceremony that evening, just the two of us. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it did the job. We were now married.

 And you know what follows the ceremony, don't you?

That's the end of the first chapter! Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think!


  1. Aw man, those walls really catch my attention. They are so beautiful!

    Ode to the Walls
    You are so nice
    Walls, I give you my love
    It's like being stuck in the ice
    I can't get out of your grasp
    Not even a wasp
    Can loose me of your hold
    My darling, my dove
    You my dear wall
    Are my all


  2. Obsessed much???
    Just kidding...
    Not really. o.o

  3. Your just jealous ;)

    Lol hehee
    No Drew, it is YOU who are obessed.

  4. Only a little...
    And besides, I'm going to rehab for addiction after Christmas! My family cares! ;)

  5. Good you need it

    Lol kidding
    Maybe not
    Maybe so
    Most likely

  6. I do need it. o.o
    I ♥ walls. ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. You need it, don't deny it. It's evident, I can see it iin your err...words

  8. You mean my ♥♥♥♥♥'s?

  9. In everything you say, the way you typed it and everything. 'tis a shame...Your poor family, they must be strong!

  10. You have no idea what my family is like. You have yet to meet my brother. o.o
    And since I like you, you never will. :)

  11. I want to meet your bro. See how obnoxious he is, ya know?

  12. Trust me, you don't. o.o
    He'll annoy you to death, and then once you're dead he'll continue to annoy your limp body.

  13. Drew, I have amazing powers of ignoring. If I ever meet your family, I doubt they are as crazy as mine. Of course, I'll likely never meet YOU let alone you family. Ignoring people and remaining impassive to their antics is a useful skill sometimes :)

  14. Keep in mind my uncle was in jail. o.o
    We're as crazy as it gets.

  15. Your uncle's in jail?
    Well, that's...normal.

  16. Drew, Drew, Drew...6/8 of my mom's brother have been in jail.

    Ones in life sentence, another was going to get life but he got out of it, and another lives/lived under a bridge. Only 2 of them weren't alcoholics or into drugs.
    My family is insane too :)

  17. My family's just plain mental.
    The only person who's been to jail is my cousin's husband.

  18. Remind me not to get to close with any of your family members, okay Hannah? ;)

  19. Hey, dude, that's just my mother's brothers :) I got a big family. Now as for my dad's side.....errr, I'll leave that for another time lol. Hey, atleast we aren't gangsters! what if my uncle murdered someone and they are from Santa Ana. O_o You didn't hear anything.....nothing! Lol eheheh

  20. Jeez! All my Uncle did was drugs! o.o

  21. We have no idea what my cousin's husband did.
    Change of subject: I had cookies for breakfast!

  22. I had waffles, sausage, and bacon. :P

  23. Chocolate-chip cookies. Best breakfast ever.

  24. I had nothing for breakfast...
    My uncles err...went all out :\