Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 4

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 4- Conclusions (Jon Greyton)

I awoke in the middle of the night, wiping a stream of sweat from my forehead. The instinct of being a father told me something was not right. I shoved on my navy blue slippers and trudged into the living room, then through a door and into Kyle's bedroom.

My brain raced into panic mode. My son was still not home, he was out wandering helplessly around town most likely with suicidal thoughts. How could I do this to him? How could I let El do this to me?

Hesitantly, I called 911, prepared to be lashed out for being an overly careless father. I inhaled once before I heard a click that signaled someone picking up. "Hello, 911. Your call is being recording. How may I help you?" the woman repeated routinely.

"Yes, my son, Kyle, is still-" I was cut off by a recording of a collage of words that was created by using different people's voices. The message sent fury through every section of my shaking body:
Some father you are
Maybe he's gone
Or he will be

I was so furious I crushed the phone, the mechanical parts sprawled out over my hardwood floor. Hastily, I grabbed my flashlight and threw on my sneakers. I was going to find my son. And I was going to find him now.

(Allison Samson)

My insant reaction was to protect the kids. I grabbed the girls' by their shirts and thrusted them backwards, landing against the bathtub. I peered out into the hallway, there was no sign of anybody upstairs. Including my father. Oh, I hope he's all right!

I graciously closed the bathroom door, turned off the overhead light, and locked anything in the room that could possibly be locked. My heart was pounding so loud I thought that would be the source of why we would be found, although we all managed to steady our breathing.

Almost immediately after I finished these safety precautions, a voice from downstairs called out, "Hanna! I need-" but was put to a hault due to a metal clang and then the callapsing of a body on the floor.
"Kyle?" Hanna gasps.

(Jacob Miller)

The ringing of my annoying doorbell woke me up from the dream where I relived my night with Allison. I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and brought myself to my front door where I saw a familiar figure looking around nervously. "Oh God no," I remarked, rolling my eyes.

"What do you need now Kevin?" I questioned my brother, irritation and all.
"Can't a guy visit his brother without being harassed?" he retorted, stepping into my home.
I stuck my arm out, not allowing him in, "Why are you here?" I repeated.
"Look, my landlord kicked me out, okay? Don't worry, I'm not in any legal trouble or anything... like the last time."
"I guess you can crash on the couch for a few nights."
"Thanks, Bro. You're the best."
"Yeah, yeah. I know."

I grabbed his nearby suitcase and lugged it into my bedroom, pointing out the couch on my way. As I heaved the luggage against my wall, a piece of paper on my bed caught my eye:
His landlord kicked him out
Yeah right
More like on the run from the law


  1. You suck. Not at writing, but because you keep leaving the chapters off on HUGE cliffhangers and now I'll spend all month trying to figure out what's going to happen next!

  2. Be patient lol :) Besides, he's supposed to do that to keep his readers interested!
    It worked obviously ;)

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed! And yes, those cliffhangers appear to be working. :)
    I have up to episode 6 worked out, I just have to put into the actual words. Maybe I'll try to get one out by Sunday.

  4. ;) Hehe
    Sorry, ranodom comment XD